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I have an adult Russian tortoise who is in dire need of a new enclosure, but I am unsure as to how I should do it. I live in South Florida and I don't know if it would be a good idea to have him outside. With my current situation, I would only be able to provide a maximum of 6'x3'. The enclosure will be temporary, as I will eventually get a bigger one. I just don't know when that will be. Will this size be fine for now? If so, can I use a table or should I use a vivarium? I read that vivariums are easier for indoor enclosures because the temperature and humidity are easier to maintain than in a table. This is good for me since my room gets pretty cold occasionally, and is usually dry. The problem is I have no idea how to build one and I can't find a good pre-made one to buy. Does anyone have any suggestions for both tortoise tables and vivariums, depending on which one I should use. If anyone would like to supply pictures as well it would be greatly appreciated and will hopefully give me some ideas.

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Many people have suggested having a minimum of 10x10 feet, although a temporary enclosure would be fine. A terracotta saucer, uv lamp, radiant heat panel or ceramic heat emitter, substrate, and hide box should be all you need for a temporary enclosure. I might be missing something, but I figured I should give my input since no one else was. A tortoise table would be better than a vivarium, and all you need to build your own is wooden boards, nails, and the right tools. Build a 2-3 foot tall rectangle with the boards and don't forget to put a bottom! If you need humidity levels to be higher (I think Russians only need around 40%, but I could be wrong) then put a plastic tarp thing on the inside and use a staple gun or duct tape to secure it. Coconut substrate is a good option for substrate and a few rocks are also things that I would definitely add. Merry christmas eve and good luck!


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this is a great site for enclosures:

Usually 8x4 is recommended as minimum for a russian, they are fairly small but sure can travel.

Here is a thread on making your own PVC chamber:–-for-beginners.159220/

garden beds or greenhouses work well too, and sometimes you can add on/attach two units for double the space.

Markw84 on the forum also makes some very nice enclosures and sells them:

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