Indoor/outdoor enclosures


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Feb 25, 2021
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Discovery bay california
We just got a 15 year old female Russian tortoise. It came with a 6’x 4’ enclosure with hide boxes at each end. I have it outside with the zoomed substrate that looks like a brick until you put it in a bucket of water and it expands. Outside temps are 70 during the day and 40 at night so we built a smaller enclosure for her inside just for nighttime. In the morning I turn on the lights in the small indoor encloseure so she can warm up and then take her to her outdoor one for the day. She also adventures around the yard about an hour or two a day. Do I need to have lights/heat on her outdoor cage too? I’m not sure what the humidity levels are in either cage. I most the substrate down when it’s dry. The sun shines in the outdoor cage . Also, is it ok to go from one temp inside to plopped outside ina different temp?