I want to buy a Red Foot tortoise From Southern Reptiles...

Jul 13, 2018
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Boca Raton
OK, so you breed a number of your own tortoises. Do you voluntarily inform buyers when making a sale that you did not breed a given animal? If the buyer of a given tortoise asked you whether you bred and hatched it yourself or not, what would your answer be? And if it were not bred by you, would you disclose to the buyer the name of the person who did actually breed and hatch it if asked?

I will say that I have never bought any animals from you, but in my experience (65+ years in this hobby ) not one of the above has ever happened in any of my purchases from numerous other people. If the seller did NOT breed the animal in question, it was always discovered by me after the fact by info gleaned from third parties.

If asked if I produced the animals, and I did not, I have always disclosed the name of the breeders that produced them. Some ask and some don’t. Some don’t care to know and some do.

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