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Hi all.
I have had my horsefield tortoise for around 6 months maybe just abit over now. I have concerns regarding her shell, i can only describe it as it looks like it is cracked and damaged? I was told when i bought her that she was around 6 months old which by now would make her around 1.
I bathe her everyday and ensure she soaks for 15-20 minutes, she has the correct temparatures in her home and hiding spots and a water bowl she is in and out of all the time. She has calcium sprinkled on her food 2-3 times a week and has a calcium block and cuttle bone as well! She is very active, as soon as her light comes on shes at the entrance of her little cave looking out at us! She basks, she is very inquisitive and she is very interested in her food, so no problems there. I may be worried for nothing however i look at her shell and feel like it isn’t quite right. I would like to add that her shell, upon inspection of pictures, has been like this since i got her but as she has grown it has become more noticeable. Can anyone help me? Thank you!


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