Have there been any users banned from TFO? What was the reason? (Just wondering)

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Not joking, but don't want to start an argument here.

Wait... is it something that has to do with trump, or anything? Because I know that trump's been banned from twitter and he's been suspended/edit blocked from Facebook. Oh yeah I forgot. You don't want to share. Ignore my post.


FACEBOOK removed some members from my HARBOR FREIGHT forum for saying "Chinese crap".
Chinese crap is what Harbor Freight sells.
It's not a racial slur.

You should contact the members which got removed and ask them to make an appeal and to tell Facebook it was a misunderstanding.


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It pretty bad when some people out there, wake up with no conscious thinking How can I get over on some Generous people today. For all you crooked and lying people out there, I believe in Karma, Karma will come back on those people and bite them on the "***" twice as bad. And they will not even see it coming. Don't like Liers or Thives. Sorry if breaks any rules, just something I had to say.
I couldn't agree more. There is no place for that in this world. The truth always prevails.


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Too many people see the internet sites they post things on as a part of the right to free speech. Fortunately they can been banned but sometimes it is a few posts too late. No Facebook or other social media jailee ever for me, but I am straight milktoast, vanilla, fence straddler part is personal restraint the rest is mandatory professional restraint! Enjoy you voice peeps!

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