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Jun 30, 2018
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Very cute! Great job Mags
hey thanks! I do want to say to new keepers, I am not new, I have experience, and it still took almost 3 months to get the right combination of light and heat in a smaller container. Baby box turtles stay buried most of the time, so it's not a good idea to house them in a large container cuz you can't ever easily find them for food and soaks, oh and soaks...just because baby box turtles live in a semi aquatic way does not mean they don't need taken out for soaks and food. They do, daily so if you are constantly digging around in the substrate it's always chaotic. A smaller container with a hide works. Grumpyface has had several hides, and seems to prefer them to burying.
This is Ginger, she's an Eastern Box turtle sent to me from the Midwest. That's Grumpyface's tank in the corner of the picture. Ginger has not left hanging around the tank watching Grumpyface since I moved it there about 3 weeks ago. Anyway I really enjoy box turtles, they are small fun beings with Sulcata personalities.
Oh and before anybody asks, Ginger digs down and is pulling out pieces of the shower curtain liner. Thanks Ginge

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