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Hey all,

I've been lurking through the forum for a while now for research and often see everyone weighing their tortoises and turtles. I was wondering what are good scales to use for this. Like are you guys out here using postal scales or kitchen scales? I also know some tortoises and turtles get pretty big so I wanted to know if you started with smaller scales and moved up or if you got the biggest version right away.


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Yes. A decent postal or kitchen scale is all you need. They are not that expensive at all. Depending upon the species of tortoise you have, I would get one that weighs up to a max of 5000g. I look for 0.1g accuracy simply as that is normally a better scale. Weighing to with a single gram is fine. If you have a young testudo you are tracking a 2000g scale would be fine. I work with very large species and spent a bit more to get a good 10000g scale. By the time they reach 10000g, the 400 lb shipping scale I have with 1/4 lb accuracy works fine!

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