Geoemyda spengleri, worlds easiest hatchling setup?


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Mar 19, 2017
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Gainesville, FL
I've become totally hooked on these guys. I am planning on growing up a group of this awesome species when hatchlings become available later in the spring but am having trouble wrapping my head around how ridiculously simple their setups can be during their first year.

Plastic container, 1/2" water (high humidity appears to prevent scute curling), couple pothos clippings/sphagnum moss, small plastic hide, cooler temps (70-76 F), +/- UVB, lower kelvin ambient light, feed 1-2 times/week and most importantly, keep them individually.

I've watched Anthony Pierlioni's TTPG talk last month, ordered his book (arrives in a couple days), watched the video's where Charlie Moorcroft discusses and shows his hatchling setups and researched all the care guides I can find.

Seems like the hard part will be feeding a diverse mix of foods as they can be picky eaters. Anyone on here raised their black-breasted leaf turtles from hatchlings using the above methods? Really excited to hear how others how found success, thanks.

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