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Can I ask how high the humidity is?
I like the idea of the cover!
I have my greek tortoise(which turns out to be an hermann's) for 2 weeks as a present he/she is about 10months.
I have a glass tank and use coco substrate, the overall humidity is 50-80% (read 50 during daytime and 80% at night.)

When it goes of to his humid sleepspot wich is a plastic container turned over with a hole in it. I put a piece of wood and a towel over it to keep it more humid.
Do you keep the "lit" on it at all times?
I'm also still figuring out how high.the humidity should be, I Don't want it to be sick 😅

I just found out I bought a light with only uva. The last 2 days it doesn't really eat like it used to before. So I just ordered myself a raptor mercury uv bulb with both uva and uvb. The same Watt as I have now. Thing is I can't put the lamp inside cause it would burn my tortoise so during the day when the light is on I keep just a part closed of.
Sorry for the long message 🤔😅

Here are a few pictures ( and yes, I've been told the enclosure is too small)
, I hope to build a bigger something within the year 😅 when the weather is better we take walks in the parcs. But its rainy now so a bad idea. Belgium is a country of rain snow and sun in 1 day 😁
Please give this a read: