Closed chamber enclosure data


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I see many discussions about the closed chamber enclosure, people having trouble keeping humidity in the right spot.

For everyone who is still questioning closed chamber enclosures, here is some data collected today in Herbie’s enclosure.

You can see the moment I opened his enclosure how fast it dropped and later after I closed it.

For everyone who says they can easily keep up the right humidity with an open top - I don’t believe it.

I will be moving the sensor around for different readings or possibly just getting 1 or two more.

Ps. The sensor is still a new gadget so will see how reliable it is. However 2 other humidity gauges are in a range of 80-88%
They are all in different spots because I want to get close to 80-90% everywhere.


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Agreed, if the humidity in your region is not naturally high (70+ percent), then an open-top enclosure will not reasonably allow for the sustained high humidity that hatchlings and some jungle species need; a closed-top enclosure is the best way to get the job done.


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