1. T

    Please help confirm the sex of my tortoise!

    Hello! I’ve been told I have a female sulcata and was hoping someone else can confirm this! My baby will turn 4 in April! Thanks!
  2. H8.jpeg


    Herbie is doing great. 360g. Loves to dig, very curious. ❤️
  3. H

    Sulcata Outside enclosure

    Hey there guys ! I’m this is Normies my 1 year old sulcata. I’m just sharing this for some ideas ! I’m in California and we are in the mid 70’s rn . He also has a enclosure inside our home for the night time. I would like to decorate his outside enclosure with some eatable plants , any...
  4. M

    Texas Blizzard and 135lb Sulcata with both eyes swollen red and snot!

    Hi All, We have 3 large Sulcatas, here in Central Texas. All were in excellent health until this Texas Blizzard hit. Our power was our for 3 days and we had to move the torts inside our house (stinky)! Even inside our home the temp got down to 42°F for about a day. Prior to the power going...
  5. cakberlin

    Help! My baby sulcata is trying to hurt the other one

    Hello I have 2 sulcatas which I brought from the same pet shop in different time. The 1st one called Noshi-Noshi and the other called Moja. Noshi-Noshi has been with me for a month before I decided to buy Moja. Their size is quite same; Noshi-Noshi is having 5,2 cm length from its plastron and...
  6. MStacy

    Sulcata in bathroom

    Hi. My Sulcata is around six years old and is 11#'s. I'm in Florida, but we are experiencing a cold winter. I don't let her outside unless it's 70° or higher. So, she's currently living in my bathroom. Our house is set on 73°, she has a open cardboard box with hay, and I have a CHE aimed...
  7. H


    Emergency! Born June 24th, 2020 this little girl Honu was always a sweet, active, happy baby tort. Out of the litter some liked to charge but this girl was always very sweet. Hence why I think she's a girl. Here's a ton of pictures to help describe her issue she's going through. Im fairly...
  8. graciemay500

    Sulcata Urination Q’s

    Hello! First off, my question is: how is the normal urine supposed to look like? I thought liquid urine was healthy, but i have also read that “toothpaste” like consistently is healthy? I’m confused. Anyways, my 2 year old sulcata seems to be pushing out clear liquid very often all of the...
  9. I

    Dark leg

    Hello, I have a baby sulcata tortoise that’s back right leg skin is darker then the left leg. I don’t know what this means or if it’s bad. Can anyone help me.
  10. H

    Sulcata GPS?

    Hello! I have had Humphery (my 16 year old, 60ish pounds sulcata) for about 9 years now. He is an annual escape artist... no matter how mush we shore up his yard, he seems to escape one way or another every fall (painters left a gate open, my goats broke a fence, or he burrows underneath. every...
  11. F

    Tortoise won’t stay awake for long

    I have a 4 month old Sulcata. For the last 10 or so days he has not been opening his eyes. I began soaking him everyday in warm water and recently added carrot baby food and pedialyte to his baths. I also added some pedialyte to his pool. I also use eye drops everyday. He only opens his eyes...
  12. D

    Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor 100 watts Bulb height

    How high should I put my mvb for a baby hatchling sulcata?.
  13. K

    Please give me all the information on lighting and everything else

    I’ve had my sulcata for 3 months. I researched so much but I’m getting so much different information and im so confused. I’ve had such bad anxiety because I don’t want to mess him up. I use a 100w basking light. A uvb strip from reptisun I forgot the exact one. What’s the best one to get? At...
  14. ashleymiller28

    Night time temperature for young Sulcata?

    Hello, I was wondering which way I should go about temperatures during the night for my young sulcata. I recently just purchased a 100W CHE to use during the night to keep temperatures warm, however under the CHE my thermometer is reading 92-95 degrees while it is 82-84 degrees on the opposite...
  15. V

    Diatomaceous earth, sulcata and red ants

    Hi all, I need some advice regarding red ants. My sulcata is going to Florida in a month and the area has red ants. We are planning his setup (outdoors) but need some advice on the safety of diatomaceous earth and sulcatas living on top of it. Can I mix the de with soil and put hay down on...
  16. ashleymiller28

    Young Sulcata has URI, should I bring her to the vet?

    Hello, about a month ago I took my sulcata to the vet and she prescribed her ciprofloxacin to be taken orally every other day over the course of two weeks. As my tortoise finished up her medicine, she began to go back to normal (being very active, eating and going to the bathroom regularly)...
  17. Ljanderson

    Dust free indoor bedding and humidity for large sulcatas

    I have 2 sulcatas about 30 pounds and 20 pounds. I live in Missouri so they winter indoors in a room downstairs. I am looking for the best bedding that holds humidity and is dust free. I've been using reptibark but it has tons of dust, it dries out quickly bc of heat lights, and gives me...
  18. Richardonesia

    Hi from Indonesia ! Got a couple of question here

    Hello Im Richard, just recently got myself a lovely little sulcata fella named Coco (cho'-cho'). A month at most. So I've read couple of newbie guide from this forum, saw lot of youtube and taking advices from local tortoise farm owner (they're pretty nice guys). But, i would like more in...
  19. TamaraandMerl

    URGENT, need help. Please help and give advice

    Hi everyone. Happy New Year. 3 weeks ago, me and my family rescued a sulcata from a family who mistreated her. What we know is that they fed her once a week, rice among other things. Bathed her once every two weeks and she lived outside in a sand pit. The day after we rescued her, I noticed...
  20. T

    Pink on my Sulcata’s anal scutes

    I have noticed that my tort has pink on his anal scutes. He is eating and drinking normally and is also very active still. Any advice? I have made a vet appointment already, I just want to be on the safe side. He is 3 years old, 20lbs and 15 inches long