1. A

    Proper lighting for youngSulcata Tortoise tank?

    Hello! I recently just read somewhere that mercury vapor bulbs are too strong/bright/dry for young sulcata tortoises. What is a better option that will still keep temperatures hot enough?
  2. Z

    is my Sulcata Pyramiding?

    Hello guys, I got a cute Sulcata tortoise back in September 4th. He has been growing a lot and recently I've been noticing some pyramiding... His enclosure is a big tub, with cypress mulch as his soil, water and his peletes food. I have a hard time trying to keep the humidity in his enclosure...
  3. S

    Best Method of International Travel With Medium Sized Tortoise

    I have a 5 year old sulcata who is a bit large for his age. He weighs around 40-50lbs at the moment. For work I may have to temporarily relocate overseas for 1-4 years and wondered if anyone knew what the best method of transport would be to take him there. I am Not looking for info on legal...
  4. kiramcathey

    Hole Digging

    I have had my Sulcata tortoise for 1 1/2 months now. She is about 2 years old. Previously, she lived at my in laws, but they had only a very small space for her (aprox 5ftx2ft). She now is able to roam the backyard freely at my house, which she does on a daily basis. At my in laws, she had a...
  5. H5.jpeg


    When you wake up and you still have no results for 2020 election. Ps. This is just a joke. Herbie was yawning waiting for his dandelions to fall from the sky as usual.
  6. SarahJoy

    Sulcata enclosure and ants

    I struggled this past summer with fire ants. Not looking forward to it again. I live in GA and it is bad..... I may have to re-home if I can't find a solution. He seems to be able to smell them as he avoids them, though, they have the pesky trails that leave the nests! He is 6 years old...
  7. A

    Dark spots under shell for sulcata tortoise?

    Hello! Just this morning I picked up my sulcata tortoise (I am guessing she is around 7-8 months, I received her in May of this year) and inspected the underside of her shell. I was surprised to see those dark little half circles near the bottom as just a few weeks ago I checked her underside...
  8. N


    I just got the new bulbs are they gonna be to bright or will they work, they are flood bulbs but idk if they are incandescent.
  9. GoodNight.jpeg


    Since I changed the substrate I wanted the enclosure to warm up. So Herbie passed out under an electric blanket while watching some Netflix.
  10. Shortyalex16

    2 year old sulcata making whistling noise from nose

    Hello everyone, First of all, In a few days it will be Sheldon's estimated birthday. I would like to thank everyone who helped me when we found Sheldon in our garden two years ago as a hatchling. I remember not knowing a single thing about tortoises and thinking Sheldon was a desert tortoise...
  11. Shortyalex16

    First time building an enclosed chamber

    We put foam rubber along the lids and added a plexiglass window on top of the chicken wire with a rubber border lining it for heat and moisture retention. It works really well. It's around 6"×2.5"×3" and on wheels for mobility. Grew some grass in it and my 2 year old sulcata seems to be enjoying...
  12. P

    Nose Clogged on Baby Sulcata

    Hi everyone I like some advice on my baby Sulcata BBY Yolli . I got him 17 days ago from a pest store in East LA. My housemate got one too, hers seems to be a little older as it is still a baby but much bigger. I notice in the past 4 day that BBY Yolli would make squeaking noises during soaking...
  13. H4.jpeg


    Today I am 2.5 months and I am 80 grams.
  14. laciem23

    weed id

    Can anyone help me id these weeds I found in my backyard today? I live in south Florida for reference. #1 #2 #3 #4 thank you!
  15. H3.jpeg


    Gimme that and gimme it right now!
  16. H2.jpeg


    Vitamins day. I tried to eat the spoon together with my cactus.
  17. N

    HELP PLEASE (yellow bumps)

    I recently purchased two Sulcata Hatchlings from tortstork. I had them in the same closed chamber they had flukers reptibark as there substrate the temps and humidity was all good. I would take both out for there uvb for an hour each day but I started to recognize one was getting bullied...
  18. K

    Crack on sulcata?

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if someone can tell me about this on my 7 year old sulcata’s shell. We adopted him almost 3 years ago and he had hardly grown (Was the size of a tennis ball) because he wasn’t cared for properly, but since we’ve had him he has had regular soakings and proper...
  19. P

    Best lighting Fixtures and temperature/humidity products

    Hi everyone. I purchased a baby Sulcata Tortoise that I named BBY Yolli last week from a pet store over in East LA. So far he seems to be doing great. I was a bit of a novice and didnt do my research as much as I should have but Im fully invested in providing the best care I can for my new baby...
  20. K

    Shell health

    Hello! How can I tell if my baby is starting to pyramid? I got this baby sulcata 2 months ago. I was told that he was about 7 months old when I obtained him. His husbandry and diet was poor before I got him. This is my first sulcata but I think I’m on the right track now.