1. AgataP

    Herbie update because it’s been a while.

    Hello our tortoise friends, It has been a while, life got a bit crazy but it is so good. Herbie is 15 months now. “He” is 1800g (3.9lbs). Enjoys all the food, we able to get cactus pads as well. I kept throwing left overs all around the yard and now we have a cactus growing in random places -...
  2. E

    My sulcata will not eat it’s prepared diet

    I have a 2.5 month old silcata tortoise and I got it some mazuri ls tortoise diet and it will not eat it. Don’t get me wrong the sulcata will eat anything else I offer it including hibiscus flowers and leaves, fruit and grass sometimes. Could i get any advice on what to do!?
  3. uberlou

    Advice for upgraded indoor enclosure

    Hello, I've been an intense lurker and reader for the last month and have been trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can, since this has seemed like the best resource. Some quick background on Tannie the Tort: He’s a juvenile sulcata we took in from some close friends over the summer. I...
  4. M

    Possible Austwickia in baby sulcata

    Hello all. I noticed skin lesions on Sunny, my baby sulcata, which after reading through the forum I am now concerned may be another case of Austwickia chelonae. Background-- I noticed the bumps on October 13th. First two pics were taken Oct 14th which is when I first took him to my reptile vet...
  5. F

    Is this normal?

    Hi everyone, I have a mature sulcata tortoise (not sure of his exact age) and this summer he’s been obsessively trying to find thing to hump. He did start becoming more sexually active last summer but much more so this year…. He’s actually flipped himself over a couple times trying to get on...
  6. LordTurtlington

    I’m a fussy tortoise

    I am a 6 month old Sulcata and quite fussy. My owner has gone through the Tortoise Table and found lots of plants that are completely safe to eat and created a little garden to fill my bowl from…except I don’t want to eat ANY of it and will only eat lambs lettuce and the red pellets in the...
  7. J

    Sulcata with swollen front leg

    I have a 6 year old sulcata tortise, that's usally a pretty active guy. He usally roams the yard, but now that the weather is getting cooler he's not very happy about staying in his indoor home. I noticed about 2 days ago he wasn't eating as much.. but I thought that might be because we started...
  8. M

    Adult male Sulcata

    Hi! Looking for a younger adult male Sulcata to adopt or purchase. Let me know if you have any! Thank you!❣️❣️
  9. IMG_20211009_100020.jpg


    My dog Gunner has found out that Steve exist it was quite funny he keep flinch when Steve would turn around. He thinks his a snake 🤣 my cat Mavies also loves watching Steve walk around.
  10. LordTurtlington

    Lord Turtlington introduction

    My name is Lord Turtlington, I am a 6(ish) month old Sulcata Tortoise living in London. My owner is trying their best to take good care of me but would love some advice especially when it comes to the English climate and food to eat as there’s such conflicting information online! I am 9cm long...
  11. Herbie14months.jpeg


    Herbie keeps on growing and seems like a happy tortoise. 13 months and few day old 1501g (+/-)
  12. V

    Possible prolapse??

    My sulcata has this sticking out of his tail and it’s been coming out basically everyday. I thought it was his testicles but couldn’t find any pictures on google that helped me clarify that. Google is filled with pictures of tortoise penis’ but not of their testicles? lol. I don’t really know...
  13. JohnnyDigester

    Before and After Sulcatas

    haven’t posted in years, thought i’d share my success story with my original 2 rescues that were in horrible shape…. before and after, hope this lets people know there is hope for these guys, just takes years of proper care. although they have both grown in size and are walking correctly now...
  14. 7E219DB7-012E-44E8-A901-BDBACE5B57E4.jpeg


    My Nova 🗿
  15. L

    Pebbles the Sulcata Enjoying his new spa

    We finally were able to buy our funny boy a soaking tub for his outside enclosure! He loves it and enjoys it every day!
  16. Herbie8.30.2021.jpeg


    Just keep on growing. 1332g 13 months. Ps. Shell not dry covered in dirt because I was busy doing tortoise things. Remodeling my new indoor enclosure.
  17. Turtle_crazy2021

    The life of DINO

    Hello my name is Dino!! I am a 1 month old baby sulcata and my mommy just got me Saturday and this is my new home !!! Show me your area that ur momy or daddy made you ❤️❤️🐢🐢
  18. snailgalaxies

    Whiteflies on hibiscus

    A month or so back I bought a hibiscus plant for my sulcata, Hades, and it was doing well for a while. He loves both the leaves and flowers, I think its one of his favorite foods I've given him. But, recently the buds or blooms that havent even opened yet have been falling off. I looked at one...
  19. T

    Searching for Sulcata help

    Hey y’all, My name is Tyler, and I am a fairly avid reptile keeper, but a first time Sulcata owner. I have had my current Sulcata (Bruce) for just under a year. I got him in October of 2020, when he was 4 months old. I know all Sulcatas grow differently, but Bruce and his lack of growth is...
  20. J

    Yearling Sulcata not growing

    I acquired a sulcata tortoise approximately 7 months ago which if the age previous owner gave me is correct puts him/her being almost 1.5 yrs old. Its very active, incredible appetite, gets soaked at least 2 times a week. But TINY! I work for an exotic pet store and we get hatchlings in almost...