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Captive breeding efforts in the USA have been extremely challenging for most. There are several these days that have had limited success, typically low fertility rates and limited clutches. This species is not complicated, they need room, proper diets and to simply acclimate to the proper environments with minimal limited human intervention and they will produce. There are many reasons why many have no or little success with fertility, especially zoos and crowded inadequate room like most zoos and Sam's habitats. If anyone remembers back in the late 70's and early 80's when Disney in Florida had all the giant tortoises in a large field that the overhead monorail passed over them and they had no visitor contact, they were having fertility. When they moved them into the small congested circle pen they now have them on display at, no fertility. I have gotten two calls this week asking about getting two and not one, that Sam pushes customers to purchase two and that they do better with a buddy. This is a sale tactic, they do not do better as one or ten, they do not naturally seek out or reguire companionship, they simply all do the same things for the same reasons and it appears they want to be together. Many humans overthink and tend to put human emotions and needs into the tortoises and it is not the same. Some mature males seem to accept and relish human interaction better than the females, however this is also greatly misunderstood. They do not think like humans and simply associate the interaction as food, etc.
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