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A tortoise pen within a large garden

Discussion in 'Aldabra tortoises' started by TortyDxb, Feb 25, 2018.

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  1. TortyDxb

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    Dec 20, 2017
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    So I'm pushing the two little bundles of joy to graduate to a 12,000 Ft2 garden- during the day at least. A little less space actually b/c there is a house on the plot too.

    But I think it is too big a space for them. It is secure (concrete walls around the perimiter) but finding food, and keeping an eye on them is hard.

    They need an area fenced off within an already fenced off garden.

    But what type? How much space to give them? Can I make it so they do not have to come in at night? Can I travel and have an enclosure in such a way that a daily visit from a helper to change water and add some food will suffice.

    I have loads of options here and I'm slightly overwhelmed with what to do.

    I'm leaning towards a 7 foot high cage type thing with the roof caged too (like a massive aviary), that would mean they are safe from any thing that can jump a wall.

    Green plastic coated chainlink fencing as the sides and roof, and maybe a some wood boards around the base to stop them looking out.

    How big should the area be? 3 metres x 3 metres enough? more?

    The base will be a lawn that has sprinklers already so should keep some wetness going. In summer it gets hot hot hot here.
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