3 Toed Box Turtles


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Sep 20, 2018
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Chico, Ca.
I have a lovely 6 year old female 3 toed box turtle (and a 4 year old male) that I purchased from a very reputable Reptile Breeder in Northern California. She and her 4 year old male companion lived outdoors their whole life. I built a large outdoor Turtle Acres for them but they will be mostly housed in a big house that I constructed (no glass). They are doing great for the first 4 months. They get a terrific balanced diet. The 6 year old does not eat any of the vegetables, greens or fruit no matter how much I try to vary them (even mixed with a bit of Tortoise Salt Dressing), She even refuses to eat Zoo Med Box Turtle food. I feed the turtles every other day. Both turtles love to eat crickets and european nightcrawlers (which I breed). I am worried that the 6 year old is eating only a protein based diet. They are both well hydrated. ***Any ideas how to get the 6 year old to eat some vegetables and fruit? Do I withhold the crickets and worms until she eats food? I would appreciate sharing your experience. We love the Box Turtles-they are excellent teachers of PATIENCE. Howard and Lorna


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Jul 20, 2016
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Box turtles can be very selective eaters. When they are really hungry, such as when they first come out of brumation, they are willing to eat almost anything. This is a good time to habituate them to eat other foods.