3 Toed box turtles


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Jul 16, 2014
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I've got this guy that I've owned for the last 7 years, and as far as I know he's healthy, but something I got recently was an ounce scale to measure his weight. He's about 10.5 ounces, or 300 grams. I don't know if this is a healthy weight or not, I don't find that he eats a lot, but that's usually his greens and vegetables, he's almost always chasing and eating his crickets, mealworms, or lady bugs. I've gone through many forum sites and such and I just can't find anyone who knows how much a 3 toed should weigh.

If anyone owns box turtles, can we do some online collective research!!!
1) type of box turtle (in order to help all owners, we should weigh all kinds of turtles)
2) gender
3) approx age
4) weight in ounces/grams
5) length
6) Indoor housing or outdoor housing

Thanks guys, hopefully I'll get lots of data, and as soon as I have a good pool, I'll upload what I've found!!
(p.s I'm doing this on a few different sites, if you've already filled this out, please don't do it again, as to keep the data true!!)
-Erica and Robbie

Maggie Cummings

I just weighed one of my female 3-toed and she's 477 grams


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Feb 11, 2012
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I have two box turtles. They are three years old so they are still growing. One is a pure three toed and she is 325 grams (just under 5 inches SCL) and the other is a three toed/gulf coast integrade. She is 655 grams (just over 6 inches SCL). She takes after the gulf coast in size obviously.

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Jan 23, 2008
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I think there are too many variables. Each turtle grows at a different rate. Each turtle ends up a different size/weight at full grown. Time of year plays a part in the weight of a turtle. During breeding season males weigh less than females. I have some big three toe turtles and some small ones. There are also some medium sized ones. I suppose if you took the weights from 100 turtles you could average it out, but that still wouldn't tell you how much you own turtle ought to weigh.

Why do you need to know this info? If your turtle feels light, like a shell full of air, he's underweight. If you pick him up and he feels like a rock, he's heavy enough.



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Nov 29, 2012
my male 3 toe is about 300 grams and my ornate female is just over 250 and hasnt changed in 2 years I was worried they were too small with the research I did on their weights so I tried to feed them more and put some weight on them and it didnt work at all lol that is just their average weights

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