1. Neon_xero

    Tortoise egg explosion!

    So my tortoise egg popped yesterday out of no were when my mom was fixing out the water. We switched out the heat lamp but I don't know if the same thing can happen to the others. the egg that popped was kinda submerged in the dirt but to the point where half of the egg was sticking out. I am...
  2. Honeybunnfarms


    Hi! I was wondering if anyone had advice about taking care of a Tortoise in college? I have a large habitat for her, know my roommate well (she is fine with Rosie) and am giving her a varied diet. My college is ok with tortoises (I know one girl with a Russian as well and another girl with a...
  3. IMG_20200506_190412_01.jpg


    The base of the temporary (made from scrap wood) home for my rescued Russian tortoise.
  4. J

    Tortoise in Australia

    Hi, I’m new to the forum and was wondering if anyone knows of any breeders in Australia or people willing to ship to Australia for cheap-ish. I’m looking for a russian tortoise. From the research I’ve done it is ok to have them in my state, if anyone knows otherwise it would be very helpful.
  5. T

    Weird Behavior

    Hi, I've had a red footed tort for about 2 years, I think she has anxiety, or something. When I see her in her tank she's fine, but when I get like "too close" I guess, she starts to breathe harder ? and her head starts the bob subtly up and down. She also does then when I pick up, and place her...
  6. A

    Emo Tortoise?

    Our tortoise hasn’t really been himself lately. He normally is out and about in his habitat, eating a lot, and soaking under his heat lamp. These days he sleeps all the time, doesn’t leave his hide, doesn’t go under his heat lamp at all, and isn’t really eating. We’re not sure what’s up with him...
  7. Billna the 2

    little Jimmy

    Little Jimmy is getting bigger and bigger. Just a update.
  8. M

    Traveling with my Russian Tortoise

    Hello,I am going to move and was wondering how long a 3-5 years old Russian tortoise can go without his uvb lamp? Also how long can he go in the car per day and for how many days. Also how should I pack him ? I would be traveling in cold weather
  9. Harish chainani

    Tortoise making moaning sounds through out the day like he is crying but eating well. Please help.

    Tortoise maybe due to making funny sounds
  10. Mia&Felicity

    Baby Hermann's Tortoise Feeding

    Hi everyone, I have had a baby tortoise for about 6 months (it is 18 months old). I feed her/him/it (Felicity ) once a day with a salad mix from the local supermarket. It has Green Batavia, Wild Rocket, Baby Spinach and Red Cos. I give her quite alot (5 to 10 size ranging leaves). Some times I...
  11. Versace

    Is he pyramiding?

    Ive had Jasper for about four months now. We have an enclosure set up for him with all of the lights and heating that was recommended and I try to keep it as humid as possible. I’ve noticed though that there are crevices between his scutes, and I’m wondering if it’s the beginning of pyramiding...
  12. Versace

    Tortoise Sweaters?

    Do you approve of sweaters / turtle toppers for your tortoise? Why or why not? Personally, I love them. Jasper has several for every occasion and he quite likes them. I don’t ever keep them on for more than 20 minutes at a time, and only use them a few times a month, but they’re cute and he...