1. OT1_

    Questions about claw length and 'smooth' skin on rear legs [Pictures attached]

    Hi All, This is Puck, my Russian Tortoise. I'm a little concerned that his/her claws are getting a bit long. I've also noticed recently that there is quite a lot of 'smooth' skin on his/her rear legs - this may be completely normal and I've just noticed it and it looks a little odd. Any...
  2. MEEJogja

    Ciko's neck sores

    So, this is Ciko, definitely the biggest personality of our little troupe. He sees me in the garden and marches over, following me expectantly until some food appears. He is also an avid humper, but seems more keen on plant pots and piles of leaves than our female. Anyway, a few weeks ago I...
  3. J

    Skin near the ear hole turning white?

    I have 2 baby sulcatas. This afternoon I noticed one of them had their skin around the ear hole is turning white (both sides). Does anyone know what this is / what causes it? the other one seems to be normal color. Their diet consists of soaked orchard hay, grazing tortoise grass mix (that I...
  4. christinaland128

    Haven't seen this before :(

    This is not my tortoise but I’m wondering what your input is on this redfoot’s skin. It appears overgrown and is covering his nostrils almost to closure. Is this from dryness or dehydration?
  5. H

    Tortoise neck skin changing color?

    My eastern hermann’s tortoise is still a hatchling. He’s under 30g, 5.1cm in SCL, and eats and poops like a champion. I recently (2 days ago) noticed he’s like peeling a little bit. A bit weird, because it’s not like white dry or flaky as I see from other posts. Just like bits of his head is...
  6. christinaland128

    Patches on skin

    Hey guys! My friend showed me these pics of her Redfoot and noticed some discolored patches on his skin. It looks unusual because it’s raised. I asked her to try to scrub it gently with a soft bristle brush to see if it came off and it doesn’t. I know fungal issues are usually white or grey...
  7. M

    baby Hermans questions !! need advice

    Hi, My baby Hermanns is 10 months old and has been doing really well I've had it almost a month now. appetite is good, starting to get more picky hah but I think that's because he knows ill feed him now. he walks around his enclosure and will climb over things in their. he's in a 2x4 tortoise...
  8. A

    Dark skin, constipation and Enrofloxacin medication

    Long story short, my tort was intensive care at the vet 2 weeks ago after discovering that he his liver was on the verge of failing, he had a lung infection and issues with his pancreas. The vet successfully flushed his system and returned his liver levels back to normal. Now I've had him home...
  9. J

    White spots on my tortoise skin

    Hi, everyone! I've got a baby redfoot and her head and "armpits" are turning white. The skin looks really dry in these areas and I don't know what to do. I bathed her this week and when she's wet those spots disappear, but once she's dried it looks very flaky and white. The bottom part of her...
  10. FomTarro

    Russian Tortoise: black dots all over skin

    Hi all, We've had our Russian tortoise for a little over 6 months now. She's had these black spots all over her skin (both arms and legs) since we got her, but we are recently noticing that no other Russian tortoises seem to have them, by way of looking at tortoise Instagram. Are these normal...
  11. Nsdkcp

    Baby's head turned colors

    Hello. I have a baby sulcata that I purchased just over a month ago. Her head has changed color and I am un sure if it due to the eco earth she burros in or if some has gone wrong. Over exposure? It is kind of a brown orange color. Any help, I would appreciate greatly. Thanks for your time!
  12. shequote

    New Introduction and Concerns ;]

    Hello All! Meet Rio, our 2yr old Redfoot. He's super adventurous and always climbing on/over anything he can. He'll eat like crazy if we let him. I've included pictures of when we first got him and currently. In the recent pics (from this morning) I have a few questions/concerns I'd like some...