russian tortoise

  1. J

    Russian Tortoise Enclosure Advice

    I'm very seriously considering a Russian Tortoise as a new addition to my family. Right now I have a 55 gallon aquarium that I'm a bit lost on how to best set up for my unaquired new friend. Due to the climate that I live in I'll be able to set up a small outdoor "playpen" but the large and main...
  2. Otis-RussianTort

    Help! Tortoise age and shell health

    Hey guys! Yesterday someone on the forum guessed Otis is between 5-10+ years old. Is there a way I can narrow down a closer guess to how old he is? Also, does his shell look dry and should I be doing anything for it? Currently, I mist him and short soaks. Thanks in advance :)
  3. Dcatalano

    Plants for enclosure

    I want to add some plants to Gabby’s enclosure. I see others sharing pictures of pothos and spider plants. Are these safe for decoration? And/or will my Russian tortoise eat them? Do you generally bury the pot a little for aesthetics? Share some pics of your planted enclosures!
  4. S

    Russian Tortoise Extremely Lethargic in Winter

    Hello! I have had my russian tortoise for over 15 years (got her when I was 12 or so). She does have some unnatural shell growth that was due to improper lighting within the first few years of having her. She has remained the same size/same look since. I wanted to inquire about how lethargic she...
  5. W

    New to tortoise keeping

    Hey guys, I'm going to get a tort next month but I've never had a tort before. I have some experience with reptiles as my brother keeps lizards but I know it's very important to get it right for torts and I wanna make sure I give him the best possible chance to be happy. I'm going to run...
  6. PiL71

    Entire enclosure overhaul

    Hello all! I've been redoing my substrate, when I discovered heavy water damage (presumably from the moist coco coir and general humidity of the air) on the bottom. My enclosure is a unique one, (pics can be found on my profile, I believe) but I'd like to keep this idealogy and apply it to my...
  7. Lemmy the tortoise

    Rehoming My Russian Tortoise (SoCal Area)

    Hi everyone, I live in the Los Angeles area, I have a 7-10 years old Russian tortoise named Lemmy that I am looking to rehome. I live in a small apartment and I can't provide enough space for her to live well. I have had her for 3 years now and she is very healthy. I soak her almost...
  8. SienaSunshine

    Sunshine's Not Eating...

    My 1 year old Russian Tortoise hasn't been eating very little if at all recently. The temperatures in her enclosure are correct and I've given her a soak as well. She seems active otherwise, but I'm worried about her eating. I heard there are possible mouth infections that could be hindering...
  9. K

    Russian tortoise not eating

    Hi everyone! I am a new russian tortoise owner and I just have a few concerns. My little girl wont eat anything, however she is pooping and is very active! She loves to dig in her substrate and sometimes I find that she's completely buried herself in it. I've tried putting some plants in her...
  10. gray

    should i get a buddy for my russian

    so i recently got a russian tortoise. he's around two years old (im not sure he came from a rough start). whenever i have him in his indoor enclosure he mostly either sleeps or basks (i do have him run around my backyard and i have an outdoor enclosure for him for when im busy). im not sure if i...
  11. EddieAndHannah

    russian tortoise won’t eat and sleeps all day

    hi, so my russian tortoise eddie hasn’t been acting normal recently. he has slept for 3 days straight, only waking up to move his sleeping spot slightly and when i take him out every morning to soak, even then he’s really sleepy. i took him out of the tank earlier and he went straight to sleep...
  12. EddieAndHannah

    some pictures of my tortoise eddie 🐢

  13. EddieAndHannah

    questions about my russian tortoise

    hi! i have a horse field/russian tortoise named eddie and i only got him last month. i’m here to ask if there’s anything anyone reccomends i should add on to his routine/tank etc. i’m not sure what exact measurements his tank is but as he is still a baby we will be upgrading it when he grows as...
  14. T

    Sexing a Russian Tortoise

    My Russian tortoise (Sherman) is a round 3.5 years old and 4-5 inches long. Any types on finding out its gender? I’ve added some photos as well if any one can help :)
  15. LifewithFrank

    2 Year old Russian Hibernating? or Is the heating too cold/hot?

    Hey everyone, I have a question my 2 year old Russian tortoise has started to slow down in pace as the winter rolls into California. He's an indoor tortoise and says inside, except for the occasional outings to his outdoor shelter once in a while when it's not too cold, and not raining...
  16. turtlebean

    Proud Tortoise Mom Moment!!

    Hi all! This morning I woke up and went directly upstairs to grab my little nugget. When I soak him, I usually put him in his soaking bowl while I shower. Super cute. Today I walked upstairs and found Tortillini sitting in his saucer water bowl in his enclosure all on his own!! I’m not talking...
  17. C

    Looking to Buy Russian Tortoise Hatchling

    I am interested in buying a Russian Tortoise Hatchling, preferably male, please contact me if you are a breeder and have any Russian Tortoise Hatchlings for sale. ... Email: [email protected] Text or Call: (248) 770-2132
  18. C

    Is what I bought ok for hatchling?

    I've never owned a tortoise before, but I've done a lot of research, watched lots of youtube videos, bought all the necessary supplies, and I think that the terrarium is ready to go, but I want to be sure so nothing bad happens. I bought the Thrive Temperate Essentials Kit from PetSmart and a...
  19. C

    My Russian Tortoise Has Not Eaten

    Hello all! I received my Russian tortoise nearly two months ago now and he is still not eating. I have seen him nibble on his food a couple times but that is all. The temps are fine (basking spot around 96 degrees, ambient temperatures around the 80s). And the rest of my husbandry is fine...
  20. F

    Male Russian tortoise sexual behaviour

    Hi everyone, This is a really strange question but I’m looking for some advice! I will be getting a baby Russian tortoise soon and I want a female but I know that tortoises are very hard to sex when they’re very young. I’ve become really worried that I might end up with a male due to all the...