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russian tortoise

  1. For-Mr.Spock

    What is this and can my russian tort eat it?

    I was in my front yard yesterday and saw this plant about. It is only March, but we have had very little snow, so some weeds are already popping up. Can my russian tortoise eat this? I tried looking it up myself, but I was having a hard time looking it up.
  2. A

    Two Female Russian Tortoises in Need of Good Home

    Hello everyone! I've decided it's time for me to give away my two tortoises, as I simply don't have the time to give them the care or attention they deserve. I never truly gave them all they needed to thrive, and as a result, they have what looks to likely be MBD/Shell Growth Problems. Other...
  3. For-Mr.Spock

    Nature's Care organic garden soil

    I picked up Nature's Care Organic Garden Soil from Home Depot thinking it was their organic potting soil brand that seemed good. The ingredients are not exactly the same, so I hesitate to use the garden soil with my russian tortoise, even though it will be mixed with sphagnum peat moss and...
  4. turtlebean

    Building my first enclosure! Russian Tortoise

    Hey everyone! I am brand new to these forums and fairly new to the tortoise life. I have had my fair share of experiences with aquatic turtles, especially babies, but as I have learned, tortoises are very different. About a two months ago I really decided I was ready to commit to getting a...
  5. Supriya Bharath

    Russian tortoise for adoption with his terrarium

    I am looking for someone to adopt my pet Russian tortoise. I will give the entire terrarium setup for free with him. We were visiting our home country and unfortunately cannot return because of visa issues. I call my pet Taco. He is very active in summer days and sleeps for most of the time in...
  6. J

    Coming out of hibernation too early?

    I live in the PNW, near Portland, OR. We created an outdoor enclosure for our Russian. In August he went missing and we thought he had escaped, but yesterday he emerged from a deep hole in the enclosure- evidently he was hibernating this entire time! My question is this: Is he done...
  7. E

    What should I feed my russian tortoise???

    Should i feed my russian tortoise only greens and veggies or should i give him the mazuri tortoise food? i am currently giving him greens and veggies with a multi vitamin and calcium, and in the winter calcium w/ vitamin d3. i see that a lot of people give there tortoises mazuri or other...
  8. E

    New Owner Needs Help!

    So I am preparing to get a new babu russian tortoise in March. This is my first reptile and tortoise! I have a few questions about the lighting and heating. - Do I need to use a ceramic heat emitter 24/7 or only at night? - Does a UV light keep the tortoise warm? - Do I only get a UV and...
  9. I

    Captive bread

    Does anyone know where I can find a captive bread russian tortoise? I am looking into getting one.
  10. I

    Where should I get my tortoise

    I am looking into getting a russian tortoise. I was planning on getting my tortoise from tortoise supply or arizona tortoise compound. Are there any other places you guy think I should get it from?
  11. BassMaster4379

    Russian Tortoise Stays Buried, Seldom Eats

    I'm new to the reptile world in general and a first-time tortoise owner...so please excuse my ignorance. I recently purchased three new Russian Tortoise hatchlings. They were approximately one month old when I received them and are approximately 2 months old now. All three hatchlings are from...
  12. A

    Russian Tortoise puffy eye and lethargic

    Hello! For the past week Terry has been moving more slowly and seems less interested in his food. I went to feed him by hand just now and it looks like his eye might be puffy? I have a picture of his puffy eye and his normal eye for reference. Should I take him to a vet? Would a home remedy...
  13. RussianTortoiseLover5

    Red Sores on Knee

    Hello Y’all, I just noticed that my Russian tortoise Sheldon has a couple red patches (maybe a rash) and a small whiteish sore on his knee. I tried to get a picture but he kept moving so it isn’t the best. Please help me figure out what it is and what I can do to fix it.
  14. belindajon

    Wintering a coastal Russian

    Hello fellow turtle lovers - I have a female Russian, Violet, I've had for about 9 months, she was found wandering last spring and I adopted her. I don't know her age, but judging from the condition of her shell, I'm guessing she's 10+ years. She has her own outdoor enclosure complete with a...
  15. S

    Am I taking care of my russian tortoise correctly?

    I have a Russian Tortoise named Ivan and I've had him for about 7 months now. We bought him at a pet store and we have him in an 40 gal aquarium that is 36Lx18Wx151/2H. We have a very limited amount of space with where we put him and a wooden housing unit was not possible st the time and a lot...
  16. avfarrar

    Need To Rehome My Russian Tortoise (TX) FREE

    Hi everyone. I would like to adopt out my male Russian tortoise, Urkel. He was given to us several years ago by someone in the family. In the last few months I've realized, as I have been researching to better his care, and weighing that with my commitments, that I can no longer take care of him...
  17. Stephrachlau91

    New baby Russian tortoise help~

    Hey guys! I’m new to raising my own tortoises. I’ve help friends in the past with their own but now that I have my own hatchling I am worried I am doing something wrong. Can anyone give me tips on how to care for a Russian tortoise baby? I constantly read things that contradict what I’ve read...
  18. L

    Wanted: Adult Russian tortoise female (happy to pay for shipping)

    Hello all, I've been doing some extensive work with building my outdoor Russian Tortoise enclosure for next year. This will be my first time keeping a breeding colony and I can't wait to start this endeavor. It's about 35ftx30ft! I've put many hours into building the perfect layout that will...
  19. V

    Russian tortoise not burrowing

    As I’ve said in a previous post, Hammy is a rehomed Russian tortoise who came from undesirable conditions. This time I’m questioning his behavior - he never tries to burrow. He has two enclosures, a planter and a bin I put him in for bad weather. The bin has roughly 5-7in of substrate and the...
  20. B

    Russian Tortoise needs new home

    Hello, I recently joined this forum in hopes of finding a new home for my russian tortoise (male). I found that I’m unable to provide proper care/time for him and he deserves better. I’m located in Washington state and am willing to ship him or meet up if the distance isn’t terrible - I only...