1. A

    Why does My tortoise loves this Spot?

    Hey guys, I’m just really curious. I live in Maldives and have 2 Indian Star Tortoise. I’ve had them for 21years. Now the plant in the picture is a Pandan Plant. I always find my Tortoise hiding deep inside the plants. So deep to the point I can’t find them. They’re out in the open so sometimes...
  2. I

    What plant is this???

    This looks like a very interesting plant and I think my tortoise would love it I just don't know what it is and I kinda don't wanna just give it to her. Anyone have a clue what it is?
  3. EddieAndHannah

    Is this shepherds purse?

    Is this shepherds purse? I used the google plant identification and it says it is but I know it’s not always right and I don’t wanna risk it, I’m absolutely horrible at identifying plants so I’m asking here 😂 it’s just a piece of it as I’ve already cut all the leaves and washed it. I also think...
  4. T

    Leopard Tortoise ate toxic plant ground ivy

    So I let my tortoise out on a nice day and didn’t realize until he was already eating it that he got into some Ground Ivy, or Creeping Charlie (Glechoma hederacea). I’ve scoured the internet reading every possible thing I can find and really am not getting a good answer. Most sites say it’s...
  5. tort_us

    Low-Oxalate Weeds

    I can’t find a ton of info online about low-oxalate weeds (only the ones that are common for humans to eat). What are some good feeds that aren’t high in oxalates?
  6. R

    Plant advice for young Redfoot

    Hey everyone! I have young red foot named Morty that is approximately 2-3 inches and is a few months old. I have the little guy living in 3x5x16 tortoise table that my wife and I built. I want to add a plant or two to help maintain humidity and to make it more enjoyable for Morty. The tortoise...
  7. MadeyK

    Hatchling hermanns diet

    I have a hatchling eastern hermanns and i was wondering if anyone else feeds pellets? I have the mazuri pellets but those are huge! I do soak them but would still like a smaller one. Also what are some good wild plants you guys have come across to feed your little ones in/around Wisconsin?
  8. PiL71

    Safe plants for Horsefields?

    I want to integrate some live plants into my tort's habitat, but I don't really trust the websites that I've looked on ie; Tortoise Town Link, Garden Guide Link, because I'm dealing with my buddy's life here, if I pick the wrong plants. Some that I've picked a liking to are Hawksbeard (not sure...
  9. N

    Plant ID and replanting help

    Does anyone have tips for harvesting and replanting weeds for the purpose of growing more for your tortoise? I am not sure if there are any good ways to replant weeds so that they survive and continue to grow. I also need help identifying these weeds that I am hoping to replant (The second and...
  10. O

    are these plants safe for a Russian tortoise . URGENT

  11. M

    Hi I'm new- help with tortoise enclosure

    Hi , as an extended project in school I have built a tortoise enclosure in North-East England. I have followed advise from various books and websites on tortoise health and well being and have created the structure shown in the attached pictures. As part of my project I have been asked to get...