1. liwei

    Advice on lost tortoise

    Hi, it's been a while since I've posted on this forum but recently my 4-year-old leopard tortoise escaped from his outdoor enclosure. He was last seen by a neighbor in their yard yesterday afternoon when he initially escaped but I have not been able to locate him since that appearance. My...
  2. J

    HELP! i've lost my hermann tortoise

    We left our 3 year old hermann tortoise in his run with his companion and we didn't realise there was a small hole in the run luckily only he got out but we have searched the garden a far few times and we have also checked the neighbours garden a few times too and so far no luck we have also...
  3. Feral

    Help! Lost Leopard Tortoise

    My leopard tortoise Moses disappeared from my fenced in yard last Friday (a branch knocked out a part of it and I didn't realize til too late). He's about 12" long, so not exactly hard to spot! I've searched the neighborhood, but unfortunately, my property backs up into 51 acres of woods and...
  4. Oxalis

    Woman desperate to find missing tortoise before winter, Midland, MI

    This is not me but one of my neighbors to the north. Looks like a Russian tort. Hope Waffle can return home safely as soon as possible. :<3::<3: https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2018/09/07/stratford-woods-park-tortoise-missing/1222435002/
  5. juno663

    Russian Tortoise missing scales?

    I am new to tortoises, and only just recently adopted a russian tortoise. She had been injured by a dog. She received her antibiotics and got her shell patched up at the vet about a month ago. Since then she has been doing fine. She eats a lot, drinks when I soak her, and loves digging around in...
  6. Nessa

    Missing/Lost Sulcata Tortoise

    My 40 lb tortoise went missing Thanksgiving from my house in Arcadia, CA. She has a spike missing on her left back leg and has a little white dent on the center top right of her shell. I have been searching for 4 hours and put up posters around my neighborhood and have knocked on doors. If...