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  1. Rodriguez Chelonians

    Official Rodriguez Chelonians Account

    Hello everyone! Some of you know me and to some of you I am new. My name is Amber Rodriguez and I run Rodriguez Chelonians with my husband Chris, in Southern California. I do have a personal account on the forum but wanted to set up a more official account as our business for you all to have...
  2. S

    Leopard tortoise

    Ok so I need help. My Exotic vet isn’t open for the next few days and I’m freaking myself out. When I purchased my tortoise back in February/March, I did a lot of research on how to care for baby leopard tortoises. Because it’s a baby I kept everything basically bare: just food/water bowls, a...
  3. Alexhalbert12

    In search of breeder for leopard tortoises

    I am trying to find a good breeder for captive breed leopard Tortoises and I’m not sure where to start. Any information would be much appreciated!
  4. lionheartHC

    Wanted: Sulcata or Leopard tortoise (Ohio)

    Hello all! I’m looking to adopt a Sulcata or Leopard tortoise into our family. I’m located in Ohio and am more than happy to travel. I work from home and have the land, facilities and time to give them the perfect life.
  5. JoeriR

    Need some help finding it's gender

    Hey all, i'm new here and to owning a tortoise. I'm Loving my little fella. But i'm still uncertain which gender it is. As i'm planning to het him a buddy (could use some advice on this aswell, do they really prefere a friends or mate?) Thanks in Advanced! Greeting, Joeri
  6. A

    New here! I’m getting a leopard or red foot, I have questions!

    Hey everyone, I’m about to finally get my tortoise! I have never had a tortoise before and I need some help. I’ve had many species of reptiles and amphibians, but caring for those are a bit different. I was looking to get a red foot hatchling or a leopard hatchling. I live in Illinois so the...
  7. Feral

    Help! Lost Leopard Tortoise

    My leopard tortoise Moses disappeared from my fenced in yard last Friday (a branch knocked out a part of it and I didn't realize til too late). He's about 12" long, so not exactly hard to spot! I've searched the neighborhood, but unfortunately, my property backs up into 51 acres of woods and...
  8. A

    Hatchling soaking and diet

    I am a new owner of a little guy named Elvis. I have noticed my leopard hatchling Elvis doesn’t drink the water he soaks in. Is this normal? I have noticed that when we take him outside on the grass he eats plenty of clovers and clover flowers(which I have read are good for him), and he also...
  9. A

    Leopard Hatchling diet

    New member!! I just got a leopard tortoise and I have been feeding him squash and Zucchini leaves and softened Mazuri pellets. Should I give him more of a variety of food, maybe throw in grasses with the leaves? Also I have found I need to buy a thermostat due to the ambient temperature changing...
  10. Aequor

    Help with feeding

    I have recently got a small leopard tortoise, she is I think about 6 months-1 year old based on her size. It's been five days since she was purchased, but she hasn't eaten, we gave her types of organic greens. She's only been drinking, which made her go from 157 to 173 grams as of today. I was...
  11. terra731993

    Recommended Breeder?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here and I would like to know the best place/person to purchase a Giant African Leopard tortoise from? My husband and I have done a lot of research and decided this would be the best tortoise for us, however I don’t want to make a mistake and purchase from a...
  12. Terrance.


    Morning all, just having my morning soak.
  13. Terrance

    Hi everyone new to this forum and would love some advice

    Hi all, So me and my partner have just got ourselves a beautiful little 6 - 8month old leopard tortoise we call Terrance. To be completely honest we're terrified and in love. Let's get to why we're terrified, we've never owned a tortoise before and would welcome all the knowledge this...
  14. yusufning

    Leopard Tortoise: Pellet Addiction

    Hi everyone, Background information: so I have a leopard tortoise which Ive kept for about 1.5 yrs. When I bought him he was arond 130grams and now he is arond 250grams. The problem: The first month he was fine (eating all sorts of greens and vegetables). Then he got sick with runny nose...
  15. Ari0413

    Two new leopard tortoises! Help!

    A woman I know didnt want her tortoises anymore. So, I told her I would take them. I made a huge enclosure for them inside my office. However, these tortoises are tiny! Way smaller than they should be for their age! They are around a year and a half old. They are only 3 inches! The shell on top...
  16. Geo Back

    Geo Back

    ~2 years old
  17. Geo Front

    Geo Front

    ~2 years old
  18. Geo Sleeping

    Geo Sleeping

    ~2 years old
  19. Geo


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  20. Geo


    ~2 years old