leopard tortoise

  1. T

    New Leopard Tortoise, water dish and burrowing

    After months of consideration and a week of setting up the enclosure, my hatchling Leopard Tortoise has finally arrived, and I have given her the name of Miira! (I'm a writer and gave her the name of a character I love, I later learned what the name means in different languages!) She's been so...
  2. Cornfieldwerewolves

    Assorted ponderings

    Some questions and current products. I'm currently researching what sort of amendments I can make to encourage my hatchling Leo to eat the Mazuri pellets and the soft Fluker's diet. I soak the dry Mazuri pellets briefly, but not so long as to cause them to lose their shape. I sprinkle them into...
  3. T

    Baby Leopard in Northern Utah, a few questions!

    Hello! I made a post here a few weeks back about a Russian/Herrmans/Greek enclosure but between now and then I found the Leopard Tortoise and absolutely fell in love with its colors, personality, and above all it's size! Everything about it seems to be amazing, but before I move forward I do...
  4. Y

    How do I know if it was too late! Please help

    I recently purchased my baby Leopard Tortoise from a dry breeder who also did not know his age. (I will never make the same mistake again) I now have no idea the age of my lil guy or if he already has signs of pyramiding. I also have a scale coming in the mail so I can start tracking his weight...
  5. W

    Worried about redness on neck of my leopard

  6. Y

    Another update to my enclosure! All feedback is welcome :)

    Sorry I can’t figure out how to update my last thread to show you guys. I wanted an update on temperatures and how it’s looking now :) I’m going to be purchasing some bark to keep the coco fiber out of his water bowl and also buying 2 terra cotta planter bottoms. You guys have been so amazing to...
  7. Y

    Thank you everyone!! New leopard tort enclosure :) any tips are still welcome!

  8. M

    Just recently got a baby leopard tortoise

    I just recently got a little leopard tortoise and I just recently found this forum as well and I have some questions about the enclosure and if anyone can give me some help or tips it would be greatly appreciated! First off I live in Arizona and plan on an outside enclosure once the little guy...
  9. L

    [Eye] Leopard

    Hi, I have a 2 month old Leopard hatchling. Today while soaking him (or her), I noticed a bit of orange under only his left eye. Could this possibly be from the terracotta dish? It is also on the fold of his neck. His overall health has been good, very active, eats a lot, passes his food OK as...
  10. baileypete

    Leapard Tortoise Weight Update!

    EDIT: Pictures got mixed up while uploading, so they're not in order. I posted about my leapard tortoises weight awhile ago wanting to know if he looked healthy, and if it seemed like he was on the right track in his growth. I mainly just wanted to know since I got Victor (my leapard) from...
  11. DB53E802-C43B-4E49-B002-F5811BE941DD.jpeg


    Orzo here, this is my life as a pie chart 🥧🐢 What other things do you do during your busy tortie days? 🤔😃
  12. P

    Preventing pyramiding

    Hi, So I am completely new to tortoises, having done plenty of research into them so far. I haven’t yet got my tortoise but I have decided that I want to get a pyramid tortoise when I do. I have also read lots of conflicting advice on the conditions and enclosures andfrom first reading they...
  13. J

    Seeking a Hermann or Leopard Hatchling- Yearling

    Hello! I have been interested in adding a tortoise to my family for the last year, after a lot of research I am ready! I’m interested in a Hermann or Leopard (hatchling-yearling) I prefer purchasing from an experienced and honest owner/breeder. Any in/near Michigan? I live in Grand Rapids but...
  14. S

    Zoo Med Premium Repti Bark Natural Fir Reptile Bedding for Leopard Tortoise?

    Hi all! I have been doing some looking for orchid bark and I can’t find any that have a ton for the money. I noticed that the Zoo Med Reptile Bark is 100% fir and was curious if it would be beneficial to use? If not, what are the brands of orchid bark that y’all use? Thank you in advance!!
  15. S

    Looking for Juvenile/Adult Leopard Tortoise!- SoCal Area

    Hello all!! My family and I are looking for a juvenile/adult Leopard Tortoise! We are in SoCal but would be willing to drive a bit, so please offer! I look forward to hearing from you all! Thank you!
  16. M

    Enclosure for Leopard Tortoise

    Hello. This is my first time posting a question, but I needed some help. I have a 2 year old Leopard Tortoise, and I have him in a 4 foot long x 2 foot wide wooden open top enclosure. I have been reading a lot of threads here, and some have said an open top enclosure is ineffective for young...
  17. baileypete

    Heat Emitter Questions

    I've been looking into getting a ceramic heat emitter for my baby leopard tortoise.. but I have some questions. My first one is what fixture do you use? I've seen those cage ones, but is that the only type of fixture you can use? My second question is what wattage should I get? My tortoises...
  18. ZahraE

    Ixora flowers and leaves

    Hi Everyone, I have this plant in my garden: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ixora I was wondering if it is safe for my leopard tortoise to eat as I'm still looking to plant some plants that I know are safe for him, such as hibiscus, dandelions etc etc. Responses will be much appreciated.
  19. O

    My leopard tortoise picky eaters and didnt grow

    Hi all.. I get a leopard tortoise on September 2020. He weighted 45gram and 6 months old at that time. Now end of January 2021, he weighted ranging from 46 grams to 51 grams (as I weight him everyday). Is it normal? It may 48 gram today , then 51 gram the next day, back to 46 gram the next day...
  20. Cooksmorrell

    Need helping gaining weight for a rescue!

    Hey all! I have a seven-month-old baby Leopard Tortoise. About a week ago I rescued a one-year-old baby Leopard Tortoise. My Leopard Tortoise is half the size of the one that I rescued and still weighs more than the rescue. I’m trying to help it put on a little weight as it feels really light...