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  1. Q

    Tortoise Identification

    Hi everyone! Friends and I have found a tortoise and we can't figure out its species. It was found in the Thousand Oaks area in California, which is just north of LA. We dont think it's a desert tortoise, but honestly can't be sure. Even if it is, it's quite out of range! Here are some photos:
  2. Gerrd21

    Is this a Cherry Head?

  3. Angie1220

    Help Identifying My Tortoise

    One of our family members just gave us a tortoise and they had no idea what she was or how to take care of her. My and family tried to do research on her to find out what kind of species she is but we couldn’t figure it out. We want to give her the proper care so if anyone knows it would be a...
  4. J

    Tortoise Found, ID Help

    Hi, new here. I have owned two redfoot tortoises for about 3 years, and love them. A friend found this guy wandering after Hurricane Irma and brought it to me. I thought it was a Russian, but my local pet shop was concerned it might be a protected Gopher. I would never want to relocate a...