1. yay14

    Yellow Crystal

    Today i found this yellow crystal in my tortoises enclosure and looked up what i could be. I found something about that they're urin could crystalize when they're super dehydrated but the picture of those where very different from what i found sense what i found was compeltely dry and hard on...
  2. yay14

    Bladder stone?

    I found this in my tortoises enclosure and was wondering if it's a bladder stone? You can scrape of the sides of it with your nail but it's to hard to crush between your fingers.
  3. yay14

    Shell rot?

    Are those kind of white circle things in the middle of his shell shell rot? The thing at the top that looks like paint is just the reflection of the light
  4. R

    Shell rot?

    Hi everybody, I’m new to the forum. I have a 10 year old Herman’s tortoise and he has always been pretty healthy, no problems. I have been away for the last couple of months and upon my return I noticed that the shell on the top of the tortoise looks like some sort of shell rot taking place, to...
  5. Y

    Humidity problem

    I bought a Russian tort a few days ago. The tort is a bit more then 2 weeks old. I have been having humidity problems in my enclosure and I am wondering how to fix them. My enclosure is a 15 gallon tank. My humidity levels are about 30 in the morning, hover around 40 in the afternoon and jump to...
  6. G

    New tortoise owner: my Tort is not eating

    Hello! I am a new tort owner and I got him yesterday. Can you let me know if this is normal? - not eating - mouth looks black and stained - can’t really see his nose holes - eyes: one is slightly bigger than other? - not really active I’m not sure if it’s because he’s sick or he is not...
  7. ashleymiller28

    Baby sulcata lethargic and barely eating

    Hello, I am extremely worried while typing this. The past few days my 9month old sulcata tortoise has been extremely lethargic when she is usually very active and eating twice a day. I have only been able to get her to take a few bites of pure pumpkin but nothing more each day. Basking temps are...
  8. C

    Sick little buddy

    Hello all, I am very new to this tortoise owning thing. I have had my little buddy for two weeks. And he was doing well until about 3 days ago. In this time he has stopped eating, drinking and has just been sleeping. I have checked the temperature constantly being sure he is warm enough, I keep...
  9. S

    Shell rot?

    I was weighing my fairly new hatchling today and noticed weird "lines" on the bottom of his shell. He's acting totally normal and his shell is not soft anywhere. Is this the beginning of shell rot or something else?
  10. H

    Tortoise neck skin changing color?

    My eastern hermann’s tortoise is still a hatchling. He’s under 30g, 5.1cm in SCL, and eats and poops like a champion. I recently (2 days ago) noticed he’s like peeling a little bit. A bit weird, because it’s not like white dry or flaky as I see from other posts. Just like bits of his head is...
  11. A

    What is wrong with my tortoise

    Please let me know if you see something wrong or odd and give me ideas on what to do. I’m trying to do better for her and I would greatly appreciate it. Thankyou!
  12. N

    Avocado and a tortoise

    Hello, yesterday I fed my tortoise a bit of avocado and today she was like normal but had a diarrhea so I searched and found out avocados are toxic for them. She is lively like before I am just scared and don’t know what to do.
  13. P

    Nose Clogged on Baby Sulcata

    Hi everyone I like some advice on my baby Sulcata BBY Yolli . I got him 17 days ago from a pest store in East LA. My housemate got one too, hers seems to be a little older as it is still a baby but much bigger. I notice in the past 4 day that BBY Yolli would make squeaking noises during soaking...
  14. H4.jpeg


    Today I am 2.5 months and I am 80 grams.
  15. P

    Best lighting Fixtures and temperature/humidity products

    Hi everyone. I purchased a baby Sulcata Tortoise that I named BBY Yolli last week from a pet store over in East LA. So far he seems to be doing great. I was a bit of a novice and didnt do my research as much as I should have but Im fully invested in providing the best care I can for my new baby...
  16. T

    Russian Tortoise Shell Issue

    Hello I’m new to the forum. I found these weird looking white spot on my tortoise shell yesterday. It looks painful and I’m not sure what it means. Does anyone have any advice for me as to if it’s to do with her diet or more serious?
  17. A


    Can anyone offer any advice as to why our tortoises beak is developing this way and if this is something we should be concerned about?
  18. Domm

    Pink Belly?

    Rex belly is looking a little pink? He’s a 7 month old eastern hermanns
  19. P

    Seeking opinions/advice on my reeves hatchling's health!

    So for some background info, "he's" fairly young (almost 2 months old) and we're just worried about him and want him to be happy and healthy. We adopted him towards the end of August, and the day we brought him home he seemed quite inquisitive and energic and he ate all of his food...
  20. For-Mr.Spock

    My Russian tort's plastron looks unhealthy?

    This was Spock's plastron back in March 2020, roughly three months after I got her from a pet store. This picture was taken September 2020 just a few days ago. I am glad that she has been growing (look at that growth!), but I am not sure if her shell health has been improving or not. I give...