1. F

    Shedding or Shell Rot??

    Hi all. My turtle is about 7 months old and 4 inches big. She's growing pretty quickly, but I noticed this on her stomach. I'm not sure if it's shell rot or her growing. Can someone give me advice? I think I'm going to take her to the vet if it doesn't go away in a week, but I wanted to get...
  2. H

    Tortoise Scream, Help.

    Hi guys, I’m a new tortoise owner (Red foot tortoise) I have had him for about 3 weeks. The last two days when I have been soaking him he screams a few times. But I haven’t heard him when he doesn’t soak. He always poops when he soaks (warm water). I’m wandering if he is slightly constipated...
  3. Vicariouslychow

    Clogged nostril

    Hello All, When I checked on my tortoise this afternoon, it looks like his left nostril is plugged up with coco coir. Is this cause for concern and is there anything I can do to help him remove it? See photo for reference... It doesn't seem to bother him but I currently just have him soaking...
  4. baileypete

    Leapard Tortoise Weight Update!

    EDIT: Pictures got mixed up while uploading, so they're not in order. I posted about my leapard tortoises weight awhile ago wanting to know if he looked healthy, and if it seemed like he was on the right track in his growth. I mainly just wanted to know since I got Victor (my leapard) from...
  5. No1much

    Russian tortoise white blood cell count low so needs ct scan?

    Hey guys. My russian tortoise has been unwell for a few weeks. I took him to the vet 2 weeks ago and they said he might have an infection and gave me oral baytril. I've had mixed success getting him to eat it but he started to improve. This week he's been very sluggish in the mornings but perks...
  6. Z

    Uneven tortoise shell growth

    Hi I’m slightly worried about my 5 year olds Russian tortoises shell growth. I noticed recently on one side it appears to have a larger gap between scutes. Is this normal ? if not what should I do. thanks
  7. M

    Texas Blizzard and 135lb Sulcata with both eyes swollen red and snot!

    Hi All, We have 3 large Sulcatas, here in Central Texas. All were in excellent health until this Texas Blizzard hit. Our power was our for 3 days and we had to move the torts inside our house (stinky)! Even inside our home the temp got down to 42°F for about a day. Prior to the power going...
  8. stinky.g


    Hello! I recently got a Russian tortoise and just noticed that lines around her shell are starting to get fairly white. After research I saw it could just mean growth. But I wanted to see if maybe anyone thought it could be shell rot or growth.
  9. trey329

    My tortoises right eye looks strange

    Hi, my sulcata tortoise, 6 month old, has an odd right eye which I noticed today. His both eyes were fine when I checked him up last month. Anyone knows what the problem is? His left eye looks normal.
  10. yay14

    Gritty urates

    Did not get any replies on other thread so i will try again haha. Hi everyone my yearling hermann tortoise has passed some gritty urates recently, It started around mid december and i made a post about and got recomendations to higher humidity soak more and spray food with water and i did all...
  11. kr1ssy47

    Weird poop

    Hello all, This is what my box turtle's poop has looked like for the last week. (The water was fresh before he got in it tonight, he just got it dirty). But very weird, unusual poop. Almost seems undigested. Any idea what's causing this? No exotic vets in my area, but I'll drive 2 hours to one...
  12. yay14

    Lost weight

    I am scared my One year old hermann tortoise has lost weight. Last time i weighed maybe about a month ago he weighed about 47-48 grams i measured today and he weighed 41. There could be something weird though since when i put the scale down it registers 400 grams withous anything even touching...
  13. yay14

    Tortoise Healthy?

    Hi everybody i have a 1 year 1 month old Hermanns tortoise i just wanted to go thru and see if you think hes healthy or not. When i first got him in may 2020 when he was 5 months there were a lot of problems with my care, it was to dry, the light was poorly setup so not all the uv from the light...
  14. G

    Designing for Male-Female Enclosure (outdoor)

    Hello! We are redesigning our outdoor enclosure for our 20-30 year old CA desert tortoises. We are making two enclosures, one for the female, one for the male. ideally we would divide the existing long and narrow enclosure into two side by side runs, with one shared solid wall Down the middle...
  15. K

    My young Sulcata tort has weird flaking on his shell?

    Just recently I’ve noticed these strange little flakes in between the scutes of my tortoise and I can’t figure out anywhere online what it is. His behavior seems normal and the temperature in the tank stays around 80-90 on the hot side. He gets at least 10 hours of light. Idk what it is at all.
  16. R

    Sunken in scute

    Hi! I just noticed my 8 month old Greek tortoise has these 2 “sunken” in scutes on his shell. Is this something to be worried about or is this part of the normal growth? Thanks! and yes, husbandry is perfect. He has a 4X6 enclosure.. humidity at 75% (for winter times). Cool spot at 80 degrees...
  17. yay14

    Is he getting enough UV

    Hi everyone i was wondering if my one year old hermann tortoise is getting enough UV. I now this is hard to say without a UV meter but i am gonna go ahead and aks anyway. He has a 50 watt solar raptor spot Metal halide/ H.I.D lamp that is suspended 22 inches above the enclosure recomended...
  18. F

    Odd tortoise situation

    Hello, I have had a few issues with my tortoise and I am unsure how best to go forward. (he is about 3 and a half years old and is a Hermans tortoise. At the start of 2018 he was 37g but now we are at 706g. Gender is still unknown.) I got him a few years ago not long after he had been hatched...
  19. B

    Cherry head tortoise weight

    Hello! this is my cherry head tortoise. im not sure if its a boy or a girl (i think girl) but shes about a year and a half and weighs 133grams. is that normal? thank you!
  20. H

    Is my tortoise ok?

    Hi all Im a little vague on complete details as it is not my tortoise as such. My sister purchased a tortoise quite a few years back now, I believe it is a russian horsefield. Whilst she has an enclosure outside we do not put her in this enclosure a lot as we live in the UK and it gets cold so...