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    MVB causing probs with torts

    Bulb was at LEAST 20 inches from the torts. Im going to cut it out and go with a white bulb. Everyone has their opinions however I do believe these bulbs are way!!!!!! to strong for forest dwelling torts.
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    MVB causing probs with torts

    No prob, just wanna give everyone a heads up. We all know coil uvbs are bad so we use MVB's thinking there the best thing for our animals and then stuff like this happens. My sullys seem to be fine with this bulb its my red, yellow, and elongated that seem to have the probs. Makes me wonder if...
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    MVB causing probs with torts

    Ok, switched over to solar glo mvb bulbs by exoterra about a month and a half ago. I have been keeping a log of the uvb output and so far so good. But, 2 of my torts eyes are starting to swell shut and pus a bit. In my opinion its the bulbs as their care is spot on. Im going to take the bulbs...
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    Repcal Tortoise food

    I personally wouldnt feed hay at 2 months old. I know some do but you need to have it super moist for them to eat. Grass, flowers, weeds, store greens is all I feed. I actually plant grass right in the enclosure, works out great
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    Portabella Mushrooms

    Sure, I have done it several times with no probs and they loved it, but then again what dont sullys love :)
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    UV Bulb question

    A tube uvb bulb or mvb as stated. I have been using solarglo lately and so far im satisfied, only prob is these bulbs lose uvb a lot quicker then they claim
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    Repcal Tortoise food

    I personally wouldnt feed it at all, all that stuff is are grain by products and torts arent grain eaters. Save your money
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    mazuri V.S zoomed grassland

    Im not a fan of either. After really reading ingredients mazuri is all grain by products. No torts are grain eaters so I dont see the need. Should you have a tort that requires protein which sullys dont, feed an actual protein source 1x a week like hard boiled eggs or boiled chicken/shrimp
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    Russian setup questions

    Ok, my son finally talked me into getting a russian. He saw one at petco and really enjoyed it, I have to admit I did to. I never liked them before getting my hands on him. Well anyway what substrate you'll using? I use all sphagnum/cypress with my torts but was thinking sand/coir for this...
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    New Sulcata Owner

    Welcome, great choice. Sulcatas are awesome, I have a few and their probably my fav tort. Shhhh dont tell my others I just said that thought ;)
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    the new "what do you look like" thread

    Hey Jacqui, sure you can ask anything youd like, dont mean ill anwser.....HAHAHA....J/K. His name is Preston, that pic of him and I was taken in cali at Carney on sunset. Its a great place owned by Michael Keatons brother
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    Damn does dating suck!!!

    Yeah we are trying to get both websites running and both cd's out at the same time. Once we get all this done then we will post samples of our songs online. What do I know, im just the drummer :)
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    My redfoot will drink rarely by himself, otherwise if I put him in the dish he will drink. My sullys never drink it seems. My elongateds are bigger at almost a year and they do tend to drink but still get soaked as well
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    Yeah I second that. I have found that a lot of my hatchlings just wont drink out of a water dish even though one is in there 24/7. When I put them in a tub to soak thats the first thing they do
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    I feed it every once in awhile with no probs