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    Baby sulcata not pooped off while being forced soak

    I have 2sulcatas, both of them are 3months old. One of them has not been pooped off while being forced soak for a several weeks. But the other one always pooped off immediately after put him in warm water. If he has not pooped off for several week, he would be alright? Ekkapat Thailand
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    New to the site :)

    I turned on uvb and infared lamp daytime 12 hrs a day. Nighttime is not necessary if temperature not below 70F.
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    Newbie from Florida

    Welcome to the forum!!
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    I should be doing homework but...

    Sooooooooo cute, .. please keep updating her growth frequently :) Anyway could you post photos of your beautiful decorated enclosure? I can't wait to see yours :)
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    New to the site :)

    He should perk up after sunbath because of metabolism rate rised. Try changing another diet if he wouldn't like to take. If he start to take, remember do not force him to take a lot at once because digestion system still hasn't worked well. Increase volume gradually everyday... Remember that...
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    New to the site :)

    I wish it could help, my tort is around same age when i lost him. I would not let it happen again to your tort. It's necessary to force him to eat gradually to recover his digestion system which is currently full of gas after not working for a long time. Anyway, don't forget putting him under...
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    New to the site :)

    I have no experiences about baby food soak, but I think it would be no problem to try. Gently open his mount by your fingers, if he shut his mouth tightly, then try the order below Put him under direct morning sunlight first, to make metabolic rate rise around 30 minutes. Then, soak him 15-20...
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    New to the site :)

    Welcome to the forum, I've got very same experiences as yours, size of my baby leo was also about the same size of yours.. Your torts is very very sick.. Additionally if you noticed, some where of skin around his eyes would peel off, wouldn't it? You should bring your torts to the vet...
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    I'm new and want to buy a tortoise

    ็Hello, welcome to the forum!!, what kind of tort that you get?
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    RE: HELP ME PLEASE You should go to see vet urgently. That could make him die.
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    My outdoor enclosure Temporary enclosure for basking!
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    Baby android sulcata!!!

    Another video here
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    Baby android sulcata!!!

    555 see more pics here
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    Baby android sulcata!!!

    Please visit to see my lovely baby sulcata here click like on youtube page if you love them, Thank you Ekkapat Thailand
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    Baby leopard tortoise not opened his eyes

    Thanks Mina, I already brought him to the vet, and the vet said he is very ill. And has to be admitted for a week (i i