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    Third Annual Calendar Photo Contest Submissions Thread!

    Tortoise Name: Tortoise Tortoise Species: Geochelone sulcata Taken by: Pinpin
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    Tort table

    I am really afraid to post this link since the forum classified it as spam and banned me. However, try this link
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    Tort table

    Is this the table? Nice cabinet. :) Here is your link:
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    Tort table

    Is this the table? Nice cabinet. :) Here is your link:
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    Anaheim NARBC

    I might try to go! It would be neat to meet you, seeing as I just ordered cactus from you and they were great (it is so much easier to handle despined pads!) Good luck with the missus.
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    Hi Tortoiseluvr, welcome to the forum! I'm new too, but I found these websites helpful and thought I'd pass them on. Sulcata station has a list of grasses towards the end of the site which may be good to plant (you're lucky to have gardening space!) This site has a list of what is good and...
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    Adopted sulcata

    On a very off-note, I do love being in LA. As I was standing at the checkout, with my wheatgrass, organic spring mix, and calcium citrate tablets, a woman got to chatting with me about how great the organic culture was, and then recommended these ginko biloba tablets for memory. I felt...
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    Is there really an answer/solution to this problem?

    This topic was discussed with a lot of heat in the amphibian forum as well. What do you do about non-native species in sensitive areas--it really isn't possible to go in and eliminate a foreign species simply because you can't find every last bullfrog. They only need two to repopulate. D: D...
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    Adopted sulcata

    Actually I think you hit the nail on the head about stress. After two weeks, the stool has gotten firm now. Guess she was just stressed about being in a new place. Arrrgh, now to go take the sand out.
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    Adopted sulcata

    Hi Spike, Maggie, tortoisenerd, and Laura, thanks for the welcome. There does seem to be a spectrum of care ideas. :D It would be nice to have a section of caresheets for different species on this forum, so you can just point the newbies to read it and then ask nongeneral or exotic questions...
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    Happy belated birthday!
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    Adopted sulcata

    Thanks! I am beginning to see that Sulcatas are the Axolotls of the tortoise world. Still, I am quite happy to see how this goes and to push forward with yard-ownership. I've cut back on the dandelion greens and am giving her a soak twice weekly.
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    Adopted sulcata

    Her name is (creatively) "Tortoise." Unfortunately I'll be living in an apartment for at least a year. We had originally planned to get a hatchling tortoise (and a much smaller breed as well), which would have been small enough for 1-2 years until we moved...but best laid plans....) Yes...
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    Adopted sulcata

    Hello! I am exceptionally new to the entire tortoise owning sector of the world, having kept a tiny fence lizard for 6 years. So you'll have to let me know about all the things I am doing wrong (or right) as I quickly figure out her care. :) I just got a ~4 year old sulcata from someone...