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    Need 2 Find A Home!

    No you can have them here. What should he do with it?
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    Need 2 Find A Home!

    This guy was found by my boyfriend coworker. He knows I have tortoises so wants to give him to me. He found him in his yard when he was mowing. He did run the turtle over because he didn't know he was there. You can see he has a little mark on his shell. I don't do water turtles, I have...
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    Safe plants or not safe plants, that is the question

    Thank you. i will need to do some more research to make sure my little dude will be fine. Thanks again.
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    Safe plants or not safe plants, that is the question

    i am getting ready to expand my leopards enclosure and was wondering if these plants need to be moved or not? this is aloe, which i know is safe, but should i move it out of the enclosure?
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    Stupid, stupid people!

    Lol, stupid.
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    Rain and Natural Burrows

    here is what I am talking about
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    Rain and Natural Burrows

    Have you thought about doing a burrow like Tom has done for his sulcatas. It is a box under ground that is heated and is safe. He has done a thread about how to build it. this way to Tank it might be like the real thing but you know that he will be safe.
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    My first heated night box for leopards

    Me too, 10!
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    Kitten overload!

    start passing them out!
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    Help with ID

    thanks Heather. i thought a desert tortoise too, but wasnt sure which kind either.
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    Help with ID

    Not sure what type of tortoise this is, can someone please help?
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    Computer People: Malware

    my bf is a IT manger very smart with computers, he says to use hitmanpro. it is a one time free use and will solve your problem. hope this helps
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    Russians new outdoor summer home

    Very cool! Great job.
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    I fight all bugs with a spray bottle with dawn dish soap and water. the soap will break down the skeletor system and kill the bugs. put about 2 teaspoon in the water and shake it up. it work great.