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    Mystery Snail bred, now sick?

    Well, I have a couple pond snails, one of them is a mystery snail too, he will often do that as well when I catch him out of the water too much because are chickens pull him out. It often means she is just de hydrated and is just trying to rehydrate. But I'll share this topic with my friend amy...
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    Help! Once more!

    OMG! Today, I was holding Sergant frog, and I noticed movement near his water dish, so I set him in a seperate container, and lifted his water dish, and the ground MOVED! His tank was full of ants! What should I do! I'm keeping sergant frog out of his glass tank for a couple days inorder to let...
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    Foot fetish

    I have a baby CDT with a finger fetish. It likes trying to bite, rub, feel or crawl on peoples fingers and are 11 year old sulcata has a fetish with the color green. Because there was one time were I hung my green and light blue blanket outside to dry because it can't go in the dryer, and he...
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    Are you trying to make me crazy?!

    XD kinda figured. ______________ But yeah, your tort is probably building nests. So it might be wise to add atleast 1 or 2 inches to her shed. If she was digging with her front legs then it'd be a burrow thought.
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    Are you trying to make me crazy?!

    She's definately digging nests then if she's digging with her back legs.
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    burrowing in wet soil

    You might wanna try and find taco, if it rains to badly like it does every year during winter in california, then even if its under the eave, thats guuna flood when the storms start to hit. So it really is best to find were taco spent most of his time and try seeing if he burrowed there.
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    Are you trying to make me crazy?!

    Is it close to winter then? If she'd digging like that maybe she's trying to make a burrow instead? So it might be wise to add more bedding or put her in an warm area with dirt in it so she can make her burrow and you can watch her and make sure she stays warm. _________________ What kinda...
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    Are you trying to make me crazy?!

    She's building test nests, to find which area is the best to lay her eggs in before mating session.
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    Some baby CDT's

    Yeah... Are babies are cute aren't they~? My mom likes rubbng their necks and when she does, they stretch their necks out as far as possible to get more attention XD they love it so much~! And the bigger ones (Not the one on the sulcate) are between 2 to 5 years because I've counted their rings...
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    Do they always hibernate?

    Althought, depending on the age of your box turtle, they wont hibernate. If their under 6 years old, they wont hibernate at all. So it is a smart idea to start bringing them inside dueing the night.
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    Hibernation problems.

    Hey guys. Its november 17'th and is winter. 2 of are 3 CDT's are hibernating but are third one wont. We have them set up in their hibernation boxes and everything for them to sleep comfy, but Donitello doesn't want to sleep. Is it possible, if a tortoise is kept indoors and rare goes outside not...
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    Its awesome. Another update off this one, but sergant frog is letting me carry him around the house and pet him. Even got to feed him a big old potatoe bug yesterday, out of my HAND!!!
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    Small turtle attacking fluffy cats.

    What kinda tortoise is that little thing suppost to be? I would LOVE to get one!!
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    Leo's eating bugs.

    The bugs aren't part of his diet. And seeing as he's 32 inches, 120 pounds, he gets one head of romian(As a filler) 2 tomatoes, 2 carrots, 1 apple and a red bell pepper.
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    Leo's eating bugs.

    Okay, when I came home from school, I went to check on are sulcata and CDT and MDT, when I checked on the big guy after the little guys, I found him earing a poor pray mantis, the day before, he ate a slug too. Is he suppost to eat bugs? Is it natural or should I watch out for that and maybe...