White spots on plastron

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Sep 7, 2012
ok, so i noticed this a couple days ago and i have been battling getting pristine conditions in my redfoots enclosure. i think i took the cant be too wet statement a little too seriously. and after that the spots returned even more than before. today i checked on him and it seemed like it was getting worse. i did a diluted betadine and toothbrush scrub which really didnt seem to do anything much and rubbed in some 1% clotrimazole. that was about lunchtime today. i shifted him to a slighly smaller but drier spot in another makeshift table thing. about 7pm i pulled him out to check on him and seen the spots still. and to give him a nice soak since he is in a drier habitat currently. i used a wet tipped toothpick and grated at some of them. they came off as i scraped. after i was done scraping these i put him back in his place to relax. pulled him back out 30 mins later and all the areas that i cleaned were white again and it all seemed worse. i applied more cream and let him go to bed for the night. the pics are from a few days ago. its a little more then all that. i had scrubbed with toothbrush and water before the pictures and it all seemed to work well until i made it WET in his enclosure. help would go a long way for this beginner here


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Aug 9, 2011
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If the clotrimazole cream is not working, try bacitracin or a similar anti-bacterial ointment. It could be bacterial not fungal. Be sure to change the substrate in the hide(s) and the areas that your tortoise seems to spend a lot of time frequently while you're treating this. Sounds like you've got the moisture issue down. I try to keep the top portion dry and the lower sections moist.
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