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Hello I’m just curious as to what kinda of Tortoise this is, as well as how to tell if it’s female or male, and how to tell the age. I also have videos of it if the pictures are to blurry

080FD545-BFF8-4D3F-BF3E-8AB1061E3C68.png 8A2DD137-192F-449D-9211-77FACC1733EF.jpeg EF430750-668A-455C-BECA-52FE731F9874.jpeg


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I agree that its a DT. Now way to know the age. Sex can be told by examining the gular scutes, chin glands, tail size, anal scute shape, and plastron concavity.

Here is the correct care info. Most care advice you see for this species is wrong and will lead to the tortoise's death. Here is the correct care advice: