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Oh boy,

I have miss the forum. I have looked here and there but was not able to spend much time as school work for wild. With all “online” learning it’s hard to grasp some of the concepts and not able to ask professors and classmates face to face is really difficult.
Herbie seems to be doing well for a tortoise town baby 😂
“He” is 155g today and almost 4 months. Eats like a horse. Active. Finally we have some time to spend over here on our favorite forum. Hope all is well with everyone!! Surprisingly Seattle has been getting some nice sunny days with temperatures in 60+ and full sun so we of course went outside for few minutes .... enough for Herbie to eat fresh clovers, and stick his head out while cuddled under the sweatshirt.

Ps. Posted in off- topic as it is more of a catch up post 😂

92BD38AB-1388-4377-BF69-CC46CF4A16C8.jpeg 366E0EAB-EB0B-49E3-81B9-142A81326934.png 8DF9CE28-90A6-40CC-B84A-03E1CAF25FD9.jpeg 0736DB42-EE03-401B-9E98-D4804A1A7321.jpeg EFEE4523-01A5-477E-85D6-8582D3427FFF.jpeg 0BE26D44-576D-4485-BBE8-B7649BC9C49D.jpeg
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He looks great. Mine came from tortoise town too. We got lucky!