Testudo marginata weissingeri

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Sep 7, 2007
I'm offering what may be considered Testudo marginata weissingeri, a "dwarf" (for lack of a better term) strain of Marginated tortoise. This subspecies was once elevated to full species rank in 1996 but that was dropped. T. m. weissingeri is currently an invalid taxa much like the Dalmatian tortoise (T. h. hercegovinensis) but further investigation may or may not change that. These small Marginated tortoises come from the Peloponnesus in southern Greece. Their dimensions are considerably smaller when compared to typical Greek or Sardinian T. marginata and their skin can have more of a yellow or even pink hue to it. Our adults are in the 9" range. They are just as hardy and personable as any other Marginated tortoise based on my experience. I'm offering several temperature sexed hatchlings for sale right now that are between 4 and 6 weeks of age. They are flawless, eating beautifully on a variety of weeds and mazuri tortoise diet. They are currently living outdoors here in NJ and are growing perfectly.

*Two other pointers to mention about this possible subspecies is the fact that the adults have been fully grown since we obtained them a long time ago and while other T. marginata lay round eggs much like a snapping turtle, these tortoises lay oblong eggs more like a Hermann's tortoise.

I am asking the same price that I do on any Marginated tortoise I produce as I do not have as much solid history on these as I do on our strains/subspecies of Hermann's or Greek tortoises. I also have not had DNA work done on them like I have had done with our T. hermanni groups. These were however imported from southern Greece many years ago and as you can see in the photos, they are considerably smaller then normal T. marginata.

Price is $150 plus shipping.

*Tortoises under 4" sold foe scientific, educational purposes.

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The following photos show size comparison next to normal Testudo marginata who is over 14" and also next to a Testudo hermanni hermanni who is under 6" as well as a pic with an adult female in my hand. Also some of the actual babies for sale are pictured.

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