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The Ultimate Testudo Website

Discussion in 'Sponsor Subforum' started by HermanniChris, Nov 5, 2017.

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  1. HermanniChris

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    Sep 7, 2007
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    Over the last few months we (the wife and I of course) have been compiling countless new photos and have written a high degree of information on the tortoises of the genus Testudo for our newer website HermanniHaven.com.

    This site was initially dedicated to the proper understanding of the western Hermann's tortoise (Testudo hermanni hermanni) but has now grown to include all Hermann's, Greek, Marginated and Egyptian tortoises (and eventually Russian tortoises too). Even though over 50 different species of turtle/tortoise are bred here at Garden State Tortoise, it is the Testudo tortoises that we are most passionate about and find are in the most need of proper understanding.

    The site will be the most comprehensive online guide to this amazing group of tortoises. As of the time of writing this post, it already includes the following:

    Testudo hermanni Systematics & Recognition
    T. hermanni Care-Sheet
    T. hermanni hermanni Identification
    T. hermanni hermanni Locality Map
    T. hermanni hermanni Individual Locale Pages/Descriptions
    Information About Our Genetics Project & More
    The Save the Albera Tortoise Project
    T. marginata Care-Sheet
    T. marginata Care Statistics in Regions of the USA
    Tiny Testudos- A Comparison Page for the Smallest Species of Testudo
    Greek Tortoise Comparison Guide
    T. kleinmanni vs T. marginata Guide
    Testudo graeca Subspecies Profile Pages
    Testudo hermanni boettgeri & T. hermanni hercegovinensis Species Profile Pages
    Testudo marginata Species Profile Page
    Testudo kleinmanni Species Profile Page
    Surplus Page
    Prepaid Preorders Page

    There is much, much more to come and you will find that some things are currently under construction. I sometimes add new pages daily. Data collections, more subspecies/locales, species specific care-sheets, video, photos, comparison guides, myth busters and more will be added.

    All photos were taken here by us of our own animals and all information written is our own unless otherwise noted.

    We encourage all tortoise lovers to view this site, use it as a full guide to this genus whether it be for identification, care, conservation or purchasing. The animals featured are the absolute purest they can possibly get and truly showcase how to recognize them properly.

    Please be patient as we continue to work hard on it and all its features.

    Thank you for the continued support and please share this site.

    Never hesitate to contact us through the site with any and all questions. We are here for lifetime support.

    Chris & Casey
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