Substrate on Red Foot Penis.


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Our red foot tortoises penis was rather 'caked' with substrate we noticed today on getting him out for a bath. We use coco fibre substrate for them. We were able to gently clean most of it off using a spray water bottle & cotton bud, but there is still some left on the tip. Also, he seems to constantly have his penis out a little bit while moving about in the enclosure. We will have had the two red foots three years in July & they were probably only about five or six months old when we got them. Should we be alarmed about this or is it normal for him to not retract it fully?


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It's not normal that his penis hasn't retracted fully on its own.
Are you able to clean him thoroughly and then place him on a different substrate for a few days?
It sounds like there is some type of inflamation.