Stressed Horsefield Tortoise.

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Jul 22, 2014
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Thanks for the advice I thought I had done lots of reading up but was naive enough to just assume the pet shop wouldn’t give me wrong information or equipment! Lesson learnt!
even though we’ve only had Turbo a few weeks I’ve just fallen in love with the little dude! He’s just awesome! So I want to make sure he’s as happy as he can be!
Pet shops and even some breeders know very little about tortoise care or are still passing on old information that may mean some lucky torts may survive, but not thrive.
So many of us have taken their advice and bought unsafe things like steep sided water dishes which are a drowning hazard for little torts; curly or cfl type lamps which damage tort eyes torts or inaccurate dial type thermometers and hygrometers and the wrong substrate like sand or pellets etc.

If you post pics of his enclosure you'll get great advice to make sure he is a happy chappie.


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Apr 13, 2021
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Leeds, UK
So I have changed his table. Orchid bark and the addition of a humid hide (this one is temporary as I have a dark box coming but didn’t want to delay it). I hope he likes it. I don’t think he has ever been on this substrate before but he’s gone to sleep on it under his light so hopefully it’s not too much of a shock!
Oh and the feeding dish on top of the hide in the pic isn’t meant to be there. I had just moved it out of the way!


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