Preparing for Coronageddon


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We’ve yet to shop for toilet paper or water, no human hoarding! Our tortoise could live in our backyard presumably forever with what grows out there. But naturally I’m convinced I should stockpile for her, Our farmers market has been converted to a drive thru and what could happen if we couldn’t get to the grocery store? She might starve! :eek:

Fortunately we’ve had rain so yesterday I took a break from Zoom meetings and went out for some weeds, a lot of weeds. There is a massive pile of chicories: wild lettuce, prickly sow thistle, bristly ox-tongue. The first field of mallow I saw looked like it had been recently hit with something like Round-Up, the lower leaves were dying while the ones on top still looked fine so I hiked a little further for growth that looked healthy. I grabbed a bunch of young wild mustard, deciding later in the day I might keep at least some of it for human consumption (hey, I might not be able to make it to the store, right?). I grabbed some nasturtium but didn’t look carefully; the leaves I brought home were sad so I kept the flowers for a human salad and tossed the rest. On the way home I was excited to find a wild pea, a first. I’m not sure if she’ll eat it but it’s worth a try. Not pictured is a massive pile of bindweed; I found a ton of it growing not up other plants, which is normal, but just up and over itself? Made it easy to harvest.


Here’s what it looked like cleaned and bagged up:


Now who exactly is going to feed this if I happen to spend two weeks in bed I don’t know but we are READY! Lol


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...Now who exactly is going to feed this if I happen to spend two weeks in bed I don’t know but we are READY! Lol

I always find it worthwhile to my sanity to write out care instructions for all the dependents and attach them to food containers/enclosures.

If I ever have to call or text for help I'd get the, you know, helpful sort of help.