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Oct 23, 2020
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Mainly Texas
So I already asked about plants in the enclosure in an older thread, but I have an emerging problem. I might get another tort soon. (I made sure to learn as much as I can about the species from Tom's care sheet and other trusty sources), and This tort will have to move out of the tiny 4x4 enclosure to a massive 14x8 enclosure with a floor space of about 10 meters. (There has to be a slight slant in part of a wall because of a bush, so its smaller than than the dimensions "describe").

Anyways, I want to also add plants, but this new enclosure will be outside and these plants will have to go through sweltering heat and cold temperatures, well, for a texan. (fortunately the tort can get adequate heating and cooling though). I'm slightly worried that the plants might die or something and I might need fertilizer. Unfortunately, there are many fertilizers that are unsafe for tortoises. So far these are the plants I'd like to have in the outdoor (and indoor) enclosure: Spider plant, air plane, boston fern, and chinese money plant. Some might be too big eventually, but that's a cool thing about the outdoor enclosure: the plants that get too big can be moved there and I can keep adding plants in the small enclosure until they get too big. I just need a completely safe and helpful fertilizer, if there is a thing.

Eventually the outdoor enclosure will have to become a permanent space instead of just a play area for the tort, but then I won't have to keep replacing and repotting plants! This plan might come crashing down though if they can't survive outside. Any suggestions and/or ideas?

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