Picky Eater?


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Aug 8, 2020
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Ontario, Canada
Since summer ended and I can no longer pick fresh dandelion and weeds my margie Poe has become a much pickier eater. He won’t eat store bought dandelion at all and only nibbles on tiny bits of kale.
I started trying to entice him to eat more with flukers pellet mix, but he only seems to pick out the colourful veggie bits.
He will eat( I should say devour) pieces of aloe & jade, but I really hate giving him any as it is very mucousy and with his current RI that is still being treated it makes me anxious when he blows it out his nose.
So tonight I tried maxing EVERYTHING together. Finely chopped kale, soaked flukers pellet mix, finely grated carrot and a little bit of jade. Hoping he would eventually get around to eating the green pieces.
He picked around most of the kale and green bits throughout the day,
After receiving his antibiotic injection he FINALLY decided to eat some of the kale in the mix.

What can I add that is a healthier alternative than the veggies in the mix? I am worried about his sugar intake.
I have also been having difficulty finding plants and seeds that are suitable in Canada.
If I grow and propagate my own prickly pear are the pads safe as a staple in his diet or should they also be fed in moderation?