Non-toxic wood stains and sealers?


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Hey All,

I posted a poll yesterday about stock tanks for indoor enclosures and was suggested to build a wood enclosure. I have no tortoise and am simply doing research at this point.

How do people here paint and seal their tortoise tables? And do you only paint and seal the exterior and not the interior? (I have read about this topic and watched videos about DIY tables and understand many people staple a pond liner or equivalent barrier to the interior and would still do the same, but am also interested in whether I can/should seal the interior on top of installing a barrier.)

Does anyone here have experience with non-toxic wood stains and sealers (hemp oil, walnut oil, etc.)? What are your thoughts on using them, which oil you like and why, brand you like and are they safe to apply to the interior of the tortoise table where the tortoise will have contact with it?

Thank you.
Nearly all sealants are safe as long as they are allowed to fully cure. Polyurethane should be fine. I used an epoxy resin to fill in all the cracks.


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I had very good results from KILZ, using their KILZ2 all purpose interior/exterior primer. I put a few coats on the inside & outside. Let it thoroughly max dry before adding substrate, lights & our young Sully.


ps - i still added a waterproof plastic liner, etc. but the Kilz worked fine. No wood rot or mildew.