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Jul 29, 2017
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Holly Springs, NC
Hi! I am need of some help again. I have a sulcata that is almost a year old. She is around 520g and has a 6.5” SCL. She is ready to move outside but I am still too nervous to make the move :).

We built a two tub enclosure to house her until next year when I feel better that the hawks will leave her alone. On the cool side, we have a 10W UVB bulb and a CHE, her hide and food dish. Temps are around 85 (day and night). Humidity is 60-70%. On the warm side, we have a 100w heat lamp, basking spot and water dish. Temps are around 100 and humidity is around 60%. I am trying to get that higher with the new enclosure but only a day in :).

We just moved her yesterday and she has not come out of her hide. She goes outside for at least one hour a day and gets a 20 minute soak after. She eats clovers and dandelions outside as well as mazuri and endive in her food dish. We occasionally add strawberries and snap peas as special treats. But if she is not outside, she stays in her hide.

So here are my questions. If I turn off the CHE, the temps drop to 65 at night on the cool side so we currently leave it on all the time. Am I using the right bulbs? Should that stay on 24/7? On the warm side, should I go to a 150w bulb to bring the temps up over 100? Is it common for them to hide for days when in a new environment? She has been very healthy and eats 3-4 times a day and was only in her hide at night. She doesn’t eat that much since moving to her new digs. I am worried it might be too cool.

I know this is lengthy and I really appreciate any advice to help her out. She is happy and healthy and I want to keep her this way :). I have attached some pictures of the setup. I know her last house was way too small but at least she didn’t hide all day :(.



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Apr 9, 2018
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Sacramento, Ca
I'm a beginner, but when my tort's activity level and appetite was low raising the temps did the trick.

Most people here say the enclosure's MINIMUM temp in any given area should be 80, do you have a Temp Gun to check that easily?

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