Need help- is it fungus?


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Nov 17, 2015
Hi, recently my Malayan box turtle has some white spots on his legs and on his face. Attached are some pictures taken. May i know r they fungus and how to treat it? Thanks

1662A064-9C50-4505-87E0-C1DEEF935C03.jpeg EC90DB80-920D-4234-A96E-F97BF3BC77CD.jpeg

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Jan 23, 2008
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Your box turtle should be living in part water/part land. It's a terrestrial turtle that likes water. I see some shell rot too, besides the fungus growing on the skin. I think once you get that turtle some land to get out on and dry off under a good UVB light, the fungus on the skin will go away. Here's a care sheet for you to read:

You can also put a little salt in the water to help kill off the skin fungus.

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