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Nov 29, 2016
Hi, guys!

I have another new question. We recently clipped our box turtle's nails (when we got him they were severely overgrown). Usually we have no issues clipping them (we use a cat nail clipper), but this time we clipped one of his nails a bit too short. It barely bled one drop before it clotted over, and I had washed him in lukewarm water before we even started the clipping. After it had clotted we added some neosporin to the nail.

He's walking fine, and he doesn't seem too fazed by it. My question is do I need to get rid of the substrate (I just have coco fiber in it now) in his enclosure to make sure it stays clean, or will he be okay? His hobby is digging, so I know he will be very angry if I take it away xl

As a side note, I've also heard you can trim a box tortoise's beak by using a nail file (one of those sandpaper like ones). Have you had success with this? I'm terrified at the prospect of using a nail clipper.

Thank you guys, so much!!!!

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Don't worry about that clipped nail and substrate. It's fine. I use a toe nail nipper to clip beaks, but you have to be pretty careful. I would watch an experienced person do it the first time and then you can do it next time.

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