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In your opinion, does the hard KIBBLE contain anything critical and missing in the wet food of the same brand?
I don't know the answer to that question. I've never used canned dog food for dogs, so I don't know much about it. They used to tell us that it had a very high water content. To which I would answer with a snooty: "No DUH!".
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My tiny Chihuahua Suki has issues eating hard food. Her teeth are badly aligned and she can not easily crunch the hard stuff and will choke when she tries to eat anything but wet food.
She has eaten several types of food over her short lifetime.
Nutro. Merrick and Purina mostly.
I'm interested in MAKING my own dog food. But don't want to overlook any important nutrition.
I made a batch of baked, unseasoned chicken. Finely chopped with boiled egg and boiled carrot added.
She liked it a lot.
It's cheap and I feel good about the ingredients. But am I missing something?
Do any of our members know much about mammal/canine nutrition?
Obviously @Tom comes to mind (Again)
But I'm open to all suggestions as I want to do this.
Let the recipes begin.....

Another vote for dry food softened with water....



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You can find information on balanced home made diets for dogs and cats at You can pick a base protein and work from there. Good luck!


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I've been feeding Misty Taste of the Wild dry food with a half small can of wet mixed in for flavor ever since she was a pup. Now I'm worried because Taste of the Wild is a grain free food.
I wouldn't worry , last I seen the evidence for this is pretty weak . the science behind it amounts to having like 600 dogs with dcm , 400 of them eat grain free diets , therefor grain free diets must cause dcm ……I actually think today most dog foods are grain free , you'd have trouble finding dogs fed commercial kibble that's not grain free …. personally i'd think it has more to do with problems with the protein source than grain or no grain …….. I believe dogs synthesize taurine from amino acids in the proteins they eat ……. there are a lot of possibilities as to what causes taurine deficiencies in dogs fed commercial dog foods …….. another reason to feed your dogs homemade diets ……. some dogs cannot eat commercial dog foods , you may not believe it until you have one , I didn't …………. I've raised a lot of dogs on grain free dog foods , I've known at least a hundred more raised grain free , I've had one dog with dcm , caused by sas , not diet ……..

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