My dog is afraid of her water. Your thoughts?


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Jul 16, 2014
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Hey, Ed- How is Suki doing?
Thanks, Bea.
She drinks really well now. But only sitting on my lap with a little bowl.
She actually jumps up and begs for it.
The new food and water bowls are also on the floor in the kitchen. Neither of us has seen her drinking from that one. But I think that she might be at night. Or during the day if we go out.
I've noticed the level has been low several days.


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Jun 30, 2018
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@ZEROPILOT I think @Tom hit the problem on the head for the most part. Your dog may have similar behavior to our dog. We have a small dog. A golden doodle. We've had to change the bowls and move them to different spots for her to feel comfortable eating out of them. I've also noticed that she won't eat or drink if the food or water gets too low in the bowl. But then she will eat or drink once you fill them up.
Small dog??? My son has a Golden Doodle and a dubble doodle...both of them are 80 lbs and I misunderstanding?
It's not a physical issue.
I can sit on the floor and stroke her fur and she'll drink quite a bit of water non stop.
So I'll just do that a few times a day until she gets over whatever the Hell this is.
Last August I adopted an 11 yr old cat from the local humane place....I was told that he will only eat if you pet him and stay with him while he eats...(oh hell no) I set up his bowls and food at the 'feeding station'...and I said" this is your home now and are safe here" and walked took 3 days before he would eat by himself...I am not in the least suggesting this is your solution...just repeating my experience...and sorry I am not a dog person...but I commented anyway...;)