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Aug 3, 2010
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My gawsh, Len. . . you live in a wildlife preserve!
Here is one you will like. It happened last Memorial Day weekend. I opened the front door to go inside and a adult black snake fell onto the porch as it opened. At the same time there was another one still inside setting on the floor. I went to get a camera to get some pics and the one that fell out was just laying next to the porch. Picture 001.s.jpg Here's a close up. Picture 003 s.jpg They other one was under a book case Picture 004 s.jpg It started to climb up the wall behind the case. Picture 008 s.jpg So I grabbed it and held on until she relaxed and I was able to get her out. She wasn't happy and gave me her Black Mamba impersonation. Picture 009 s.jpg By this time the other one had moved on and she wasn't in any hurry to leave. In this pic you can notice that she is full of eggs and hopefully they all hatched. Picture 010 s.jpg After a while she crawled off Picture 011 s.jpg It took me a while to figure out how they got in the house and not to be noticed by the dogs or cats. I figured how they got in but not how they weren't noticed for over 12 hours.

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