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Jan 23, 2008
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I've had this mower for a while, but this is about the second time I've ever used it. I made so many excuses - the gas is old - the battery MIGHT be dead - I'm worried it won't start. But rather than just go out there and try I just put it off.

Today I had planned to spray Roundup, but my sprayer won't work. I think it might need a fuse. So here I was, all dressed up to work outside, and nothing to do. Wait a minute. There's that mower just sitting there. So I unhooked the battery charger that my son-in-law was nice enough to hook up for me, sat in the driver's seat and read the instructions that are printed on the floor board. Wow! It started right up. Runs a little rough, but that's probably because the gas is from last year. So I mowed the desert tortoise yard (about 5 minutes). I mowed the back yard (about 15 minutes) then I thought I'd tackle the Aldabran's yard.

This mower shuts down when you get off the seat and there's no way to by-pass that safety feature. The drive-though gate into the Aldabran's yard is very heavy and takes more than a few seconds to lift out and set aside. In the meantime, the mower is not running. So I lift out the gate and set it aside, start the mower and drive in. It turns itself off when I get off the seat to put the gate back. But all's well because SO is way over on the other side of his yard.

I run the mower back and forth, around and around a few times, then go park by the gate. In the meantime, SO has decided to come over and see what's going on in his yard:

SO 1-18-17 a.jpg SO 1-18-17 b.jpg
"Hm-m-m. . . Doesn't smell like something to eat, but it sure looks purdy!"

I had to go in the house and get a skewer and a few strawberries to get him back over to the other side of the yard so I could get the mower out.

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