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LLL Reptile

Discussion in 'Tortoise Vendor Reviews' started by BrookeB, Sep 30, 2019.

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  1. BrookeB

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    Mar 3, 2012
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    I just bought 2 sulcata hatchlings (1 split scute and 1 normal) and 2 leopard tortoise hatchlings from LLL Reptile. I bought them on Wednesday they where shipped on Thursday and I received them on Friday. (I chose them mainly because of the price and the customer service when I spoke to them) I have all the babies set up. Perfect temperature and perfect humidity. Humid hides and uv even though they will be getting outside time almost daily. They where in perfect condition when they showed up. Not 20 minutes after they arrived and got into their new enclosure did they start eating and drinking everything in sight. They have been very active. They had a soak right before bed. As it’s only been two days I cannot say if they are perfect tortoises but they do really seem to be very healthy so far. They have all had very healthy appetites and poops are solid and healthy looking. I’m excited to see each of these beautiful creatures grow. I wanted to say thanks to LLL REPTILES as in my eyes they provided healthy animals, very fast service and great customer service.
    158F0CAD-7DB4-46F9-B6E3-243ABFD45644.jpeg D7FA6E1B-75B9-491F-821B-F8A4052EEC35.jpeg 9E4EF85A-E768-40D5-8B1A-34F125B4F983.jpeg 5228DF79-4356-4260-B66A-411DDE759CBD.jpeg B1517E5E-DB40-4841-AEE8-A552BE3DD97E.jpeg 17AB8DA1-4A75-4EC1-BED6-E0A28A5D4031.jpeg E62F1D7D-3F0A-43C8-A4AF-C9AED138E7A3.jpeg 05F88721-1D81-4A06-BBCA-927DA4A356AD.jpeg 18C7E6F9-FC27-4FFF-9BBE-9F786E598A47.jpeg C83B8FA9-4D83-4846-B7D6-D47FA572F866.jpeg 7991B07D-4108-41ED-8EA4-70CB3FEBD3BA.jpeg 395EE076-45E4-4479-A6FB-9013E36D4405.jpeg CA269B4F-CCC8-47D2-A5D8-2A06FB29FDE8.jpeg
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