Introducing my first tortoise! PEC


Jun 29, 2018
Location (City and/or State)
Southwest Georgia
Princess Earth Crystal and I have recently passed our 1-year anniversary.
She (or he) has gained almost 400g in that time. Her favorite things are soaked Mazuri and wild clover. She's always had a slight underbite (but that's never caused a problem), and she always closes her eyes when she drinks.
Personality-wise: calm when being carried/held, demanding when hungry or done soaking (as in, maintained eye-contact as she purposely walks towards you).
I adore this animal. So much that I now have a small herd of 6 Leos, from 5 different sources. But Princess (or Prince) was my first.

It's largely thanks to this forum that I found reputable breeders and useful husbandry information, so thank you to everyone who contributes. IMG_20190726_115636.jpeg 20190711_161805.jpeg 20190711_161527.jpeg

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