Introducing my babies

Mar 1, 2014
Hey love your torts they are too cute and ur cats xx How did u make that cute bocany my tort would love one as she loves climbing can u please tell me what u used sorry I know it sounds weird

From Chlöe Essex,England


Dec 27, 2013
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Hampton Roads, Va
Thank you and It doesn't sound weird at all! I found some wooden craft boxes at walmart and broke then down into pieces. The sides of the lids were perfect for the railing. I used super glue to assemble and made sure it aired or for a good long while before bringing it in. I used some left over burlap from Christmas for treading, but it was a pain to work with. I've seen some use reptile carpet or a light grade sand paper. I didn't put any back legs because it is balanced on his hide and dug into the substrate as well. I spent a lot of time online looking at other people's designs before made it. I hope that helps!